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  1. So, they are still going to go through with this team up?! Really?!! Well, I'm going to cross my fingers and pray like crazy and hope for the best!! I still have tremendous reservations about all of this.
  2. Well, there is that KIIS FM Radio concert Festival Wango Tango that is going on somewhere near LA, so the possibility is there for the girls to meet up with other performers including Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Will.i.am & Britney Spears. And since Chis Brown is associated with Jive Records & Zomba, Britney & T-ara rubbing shoulders is a very big possibility. Though like some of you I am skeptical of the whole thing since the girls would need somebody from CCM there for any collaborations to actually take place. It could all be a PR stunt to get the girls away from all the negativity they continue to face in Korea. BUT here I am crossing my fingers and hoping something very positive can come from this trip!!
  3. So, Dani will officially join T-ara in December? (or have they pushed it back even further?) Is that when they will release a new album or mini-album? T-ara is out promoting in Japan and having concerts in Vietnam so, this scheduling of theirs is excruciatingly difficult...how is Dani going to survive that plus attend school there in Korea? I wish Dani the very best of luck and hope she does very well; though I am still a bit on the darkside of things by way of wondering what she brings to T-ara? Ahreum is basicly another Hyomin, she is very pretty and has a very good voice but she no Soyeon. These additions to T-ara are still a bit of a mystery to me. Still wondering how strong Dani's vocal talents are.
  4. "After they release "Sexy Love", they plan to greet the fans and public and promote vigorously until the end of the year."- So, basicly KKS will do to T-ara what he has always done work them to the bone and not give them a break, WOW such maturity on his part; but then again they did fall behind on their schedule. Well, here is hoping & praying they all do very well and that their "comeback" is a smash hit for them. T-ara Fighting!!
  5. I am heart-broken for her & T-ara. Momma Ham keep an eye on Eunjungie and try a remind her there are other opportunities just around the corner for her. Remember Eunjung there are those that care greatly about you and wish you well.
  6. Look, I'm gonna say something very unpopular so bare with me, Soyeon I hope you recover quickly and that you return to your healthy, strong self soon. Hope every body involved in the accident makes a full recovery and I wish them well. -With that said I read elsewhere that Soyeon wanted to return to the set (or had already returned to the set of the show she is in). I'm gonna have to insist she take time off, relinquish the role to someone else and take a step back. Don't worry what the public may think or say ( I know you worked very hard to get to were you are at and to get a leading role) BUT your health is way more important. Now there is a time to be thick-head and stubborn but this is not that time. You just experienced a very difficult situation and even though you were able to walk away from it (in a way) It's not a good idea to rush things and risk aggrevating any underlying condition. Take care of yourself 1st and worry about everything else a distant 2nd. Trust me when I say there will be other leading roles for you. KKS I know your the one instilling the girls with this mentality, but your gonna have to be a father figure 1st and a boss 2nd. Make her take time off to mend. If she is till feeling any effects from the accident as T-ara's comback nears take the difficult decision to momentarily substitute her with some one else (go and knock on other artist's doors under CCM to fill in for her) BUT make sure to let Soyeon know that she is NOT BEING REPLACED. Your gonna need some one with a big and powerful voice maybe one of the DAVICHI girls or someone formally from SEE YA or just maybe IU herself. Because without Soyeon T-ara just does not sound the same; she is the powerhouse vocals of the group. She is the Opera singer of T-ara. Take care of your star and don't let her hurt herself trying to make a quickie comeback.
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