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  1. just realized i bought 2 sheets of stamps and left one of them in the automated kiosk

  2. RT @KieranCPhoto: When the World Cup was announced this cartoon was made. 2016 Olympics it came true https://t.co/GxMCVsp0qj

  3. @kristc67 sexy grandma look

  4. LOL. what a wonderful world we live in https://t.co/MHy2XcT2pP

  5. I guess in 2016 it's smart (not suspicious) to wear a Kevlar vest both on and off duty https://t.co/5pt1DClhjm

  6. why haven't I seen it mentioned in any news articles that the officer who killed philando castile is allegedly asian-american?

  7. you know it's summer in DC when GIGANTIC cockroaches fall from your shower curtain mid shower. also, when you think "#FireworksOrGunshots?"

  8. does shooting another person to solve your problems and disputes really help??? https://t.co/tQJMZkt4ze

  9. RT @rosemcgowan: I've chosen a candidate https://t.co/WZc7bPam8Z

  10. RT @LizzD01T: Can dabbing stop

  11. @LizzD01T these people actually exist...?

  12. LOLOLOL time to start riding my bike around more...

  13. @camiflores917 @eunilee63 lolol my weirdo little

  14. Michael is definitely going to get killed off in Jane the virgin. Dis is a fairy tale and Rafael is the One

  15. the audience needs to get a life, seriously. hating t-ara because of a made up bullying scandal, to go on and bully t-ara themselves. shameful.
  16. getting pretty nasty hurr

  17. that pic really had to go

  18. somebody is playing the skrillex remix of cinema loudly with their door open....why

  19. I'm so glad they're coming back!!!! I'm so excited for the new song/album. They always have awesome dance tracks... let's be done with this "scandal and start anew!
  20. OMG THIS IS SO EXCITING. I'm not really a fan of the dance, but MORE AUDIO!!!!! SO EXCITED
  21. nicole got fatter wat

  22. omg...what...the heck? maybe she couldn't handle the stress of it or something, given her presence at the press conference..
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