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  1. Does Hyomin have a tattoo? On the edge of her right arm by the wrist? ~:47 in DBD and ~:18 in Like the First Time I can't tell what it says though...
  2. Why is Hyomin wearing a knee brace I wonder if she's injured... Also, lol, just noticed the Jewish stars on her shorts. Areum's so adorable, she always looks so happy to be on stage and sing even though she just has one line All the girls look really nice here though.
  3. Sadly, as much as I hate the guy, I think I have to give it to KKS on this one. This is a pretty smart move. Doing a sub-unit it a pretty smart move to test the waters with the Korean public, they've filled it with some of the most popular member from the past who had the most exposure to give the sub-unit the greatest chance of success along with a new member who can't really be associated with any scandals and if it's successful it'll both win back the populace as well as show people how hard-working/talented/whatever-they-need-to-see the members of T-ara are and thus greasing the wheels for a full group comeback. However, if the sub-unit doesn't do so well CCM can always blame it on the fact that it's just a sub-unit and not representative of the whole and simply take a bit to step back and re-evaluate how to mend T-ara's reputation.t Anyways, I hope it goes well. Plus I think this all, in my mind anyways, both explains the point of this and why we haven't seen Dani yet (or never would be fine too, haha) because it's just to early to add another unknown.
  4. While I like the idea of a sub-group, this doesn't feel like the best plan to me... For one, it's odd to have a sub-group that's more than half of the original group. Additionally, it seems even weird to have all of the most in-demand/popular members of T-ara because it feels like you risk the public liking the sub-group more than the original group, especially when a good amount of the talent in T-ara does reside in the more popular members (no offense, but vocal talent). Especially, as well, if the group theme is similar to what T-ara does already -- not that there's much left they haven't done. I understand why Areum's in it, he's trying to make her popular as well, but in this group she's just going to get overshadowed... Tbh, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Areum would make much more since (since Jiyeon is arguably the most popular member) or even Areum and Soyeon. However, Soyeon and Jiyeon both seem to have the biggest scandals attached to their name (followed by Eunjung) so maybe he's hoping that he can remove some of the scandal attached by utilizing their popularity? I don't know... It's all just odd to me.
  5. Wow, I really like Hyomin's dance. It's so nice to see an idol doing a dance that's just powerful instead of cute or sexy. It honestly makes it even more sexy. I'd love to see it again with the music in sync and maybe see her do it when she's practiced it a little more (no offense but she looked a little unsure at points) because it could be bomb! Anyways, I'm glad she looks like she's having fun. On a side note, Hyomin looks almost exactly the same as a little kid... Also, I love her look with darker hair. It's fantastic! Random tangent: I love Min! She's hilarious and I love how she got so into yelling "dangerous" during Hyomin's dance.
  6. They all look so pretty! Areum also seems to be getting more and more beautiful (or maybe they're just picking hair colors that actually suit her...). I also love Hyomin's red colored hair and Boram looks really cute! Plus, Eunjung actually has a good hairstyle again! However, I'm not really feeling Jiyeon's cut or color here... sorry. Also, awk, but Qri = major camel toe in this pic...
  7. Areum and Jiyeon holding hangs is so cute! Hyomin looks stunning as usual and Qri's fake tattoo cracks me up Although Boram looks better, I still want her to gain more weight... those legs...
  8. YAY! Although, I have to admit, I used to always use soompi and I've kind of switched over to akp recently... oops...
  9. I loved this photoshoot of hers! She looks gorgeous and her comments just make me want to hug her Although, on a side note, I wouldn't exactly call this a "tomboy" style...
  10. Does it kind of look like Joon is superimposed on the background to anyone else.....
  11. This is amazing! It never occurred to me but she looks amazingly stunning with short hair! Like, oh my xxxxing god. I just can't get over how amazing these photos are...
  12. I think it's still red, just a little darker red. You can see it in second picture, dark reddish brown I think. On a side not, I love her dress and Hyomin looks so freaking sexy!
  13. Who's in between Hyomin and Eunjung in the first fancam? I can't tell... It kind of looks like someone from A Pink to me but I really have no idea... Help?
  14. Wow... um... okay... that's special... They're really devoted fans I guess...
  15. YAY! I love Hyomin with red hair! And I'm glad that Qri looks ok, from what I can tell...
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