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  1. oh my gawd nina dobrev totally killed it in xXx so cute ?

  2. @StarHubCares ah i seee. i was shocked when i used excess by 1100mb but message alert say my charges are above $20

  3. @TESOnline your support never replies me i am stuck in a delve and can't exit my character name is @juwaii . i crash everytime i try to exit

  4. first time in my xxxxing life i dropped a phone in the toilet bowl and it stopped working right after, what the xxxx.

  5. Download a Bear! https://t.co/0L6pPOy1LA Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear https://t.co/nwDR8Ovq0d

  6. the whole orchard road pokestop are on a permanent lure, lol , game breaking indeed

  7. @UbisoftSupport and when i cant rmb my password i get suspended and theres nothing i can do but wait, even if i resetted it.

  8. Wtf i just want to deposit money, i put in 2 of my card, both came out and i receive a message, emv chip spoil. Wtf

  9. Feelsbadman iceland score at 94min, rip portugal #euro2016

  10. Little things that makes life great

  11. 넘좋다 ! unreal. 【라온XPelleK】 MIRAI NIKKI OP - Kuusou Mesorogiwi https://t.co/WEF7ubGwpi via @YouTube

  12. xxxxing wait 30min for a taxi. xxxx this

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