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  1. WHOOOOHOOO SINGAPORE!!! DAEEEEEBAKKKKK!~~~ Looking forward to it!!! kekekeke T-ara
  2. Wooooo! Finally fans make their move and give the chants to support them! Netizens are going down man ~!
  3. hey any idea if in Singapore's 'HMV' sell the album with the trading card?
  4. Daebakkk! Amesome performance ! Jiyeon and Soyeon are so cute ! Hehehe
  5. How I wish I could win

  6. Finally get to see t-ara comeback and time to sprint to the top yo!
  7. Gawhhh its just annoying .. netizens are the ones . Sigh . hope for the best ~!
  8. This is a robot dance with pure sexiness xDD T-ara Fighting !!
  9. Qri is so caring! her handwriting is nice too.! i hope that all these problems will go away soon and hope T-ara get back up and Rise to the top!
  10. Woohoo! hope the schedule wont be too tiring for them x.x and lets hope hwayoung join back T-ara sooner if possible.
  11. Hope T-ara for a successful comeback ! HWAITING ! <33 hope the schedule wont make them too tired
  12. Hope that it will Be up soon!! T-ara hwaiting! Time to shine back on stage
  13. T-ara time to Get back up from where you fall and STRIVE TO VICTORY AND SHINE !! QUEENS HWAITING
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