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  1. woahh looks so interesting! since I really like games. look forward to it
  2. congratulations T-ARA! they deserve this award. continue to love t-ara
  3. ''my mother's style is better than me'' LOL jiyeon. she always wear same clothes
  4. If I meet T-ARA, maybe I will cry too. Maybe i will faint too because they looks so perfect. *sorry nobody's perfect
  5. eunjung's aegyo so cute. soyeon kidding with manager oppa XD
  6. jiyeon should eat meat because she likes meat so much. but the fruits look so delicious. LOL
  7. yeay! hahaha They deserve this. really hope eunjung can win this case
  8. I'm so happy read this news. But I'm so worry if I can't meet them here T_T My big exam is coming, maybe my mom won't let me go out </3
  9. wow! Hong Kong QUEEN'S daebak! T-ARA must be so happy I can't wait for T-ARA come to Malaysia. even i can't meet them
  10. urgh... this is too much! antis doesn't has manner! so rude! I just can't imagine how T-ARA feelings that time. They must be so sad T-ARA fighting! QUEEN'S always support you.
  11. T-ARA will busy again. I hope they still have time to rest. BTW, I can't wait for the comeback. I miss them so much. <3sexy love
  12. Qri's handwriting nice! I like it. I know, eunjung also like it
  13. Eunjung keep looking at floor. She looks like try to not cry She also looks skinny. I miss eunjung true smile.... Eunjung fighting!!
  14. aigoo. i'm so worry about jiyeon now. Don't worry jiyeon, QUEEN'S always by your side.
  15. Hyomin, don't cry . be strong. I can't wait to watch your drama hyomin fighting!!
  16. Soyeon!!! stop thinking about your work. you need to rest first. Get well soon soyeon~
  17. I'm so worry!! Soyeon, take care and get well soon. I can't stop crying after read this
  18. FINALLY!! I miss eunjung so much. I can't wait to watch the drama
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