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  1. In case anyone's wondering about the mentions in text: Top 5 Girl Groups: "Their MVs are almost "dramas", some versions going beyond 20 minutes. They have style, charm. Their titles "Roly Poly" and "Lovey Dovey" are big choregraphy successes." Top 5 Music Videos: "Cry Cry" and "Roly Poly" from T-ara. Both exist in short, middle length and long versions, and tell real stories.
  2. I don't think so. She didn't do it in the two or three perfs I checked. The look on Areum's face when she does that is super cute, so I won't complain
  3. That's the best they can do now. Seriously, given the situation, they have to move on and make everyone forget. Explaining things would be useless. You can't make a hater think rationally. And if they wait too long, they risk just being forgotten. Delaying again won't help the things die down. They have already delayed too much, but I guess the girls' spirits aren't very high right now. Seriously, there is nothing they can do, except what they do best: singing. So just do that, and everything should work out, somehow. Yeah, they might be criticized again and it might kill the rankings for Mirage. But, hey, they will criticized whatever they do, at the moment.
  4. This is getting more sad everyday :/ I hope people will just hurry up and forget everything already. 'cause now, I have a very bad feeling about the reactions when Sexy Love will come out.
  5. That's true, but KEMA seems to be accusing both the production team and SBS, even if they "criticize" the production team more.But yeah, the only thing SBS can do is say "wasn't us !". They might scold the guys at Yein Entertainment, for giving them bad press, but I doubt they will even do that.
  6. It's nice to see some people at least can look professional. And I guess for Hyomin, it's nice to hear. 'Cause I'm pretty sure she would have been at least a little afraid to be kicked out like Eunjung. They aren't. It's people in ppl and marketing who are afraid of the haters, because they have a product reputation to protect. People in entertainment just depend on money from them..
  7. That's frustrating to hear. I hope she will be okay and that things will calm down soon...
  8. That's sad for Eunjung. Hope she's not taking it too badly. :/ It's funny (well, not so funny) how fast things change. 15 days ago, the antis would have been happy, and the decision by the people behind the casting in the drama could have been understandable. Now, announcing that they're dropping Eunjung just when things are coming back to a more calm state is *very* dumb. They will feel the backlash.
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