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  1. lets pray for Qri grandfather...and Qri..stay strong..i'm hope the best for you..
  2. wow~ very nice of you T-ara...make me fall for you even more!! :wub:
  3. of course will sold out fast!!! there a lots of t-ara fans here in MALAYSIA..wee~ welcome to my country t-ara~
  4. wahh!!! What an achievement...hahah!! daebak!! T-ara JJang!! i love SEXY LOVE!! :wub:
  5. thanks for the translation...even Hwayoung feel sorry for what had happen...what about you (antis)?? its not T-ara or Hwayoung fault...T-ara! Hwayoung! Himnae~
  6. finally... :) happy to heard that! we will keep supporting you guys!! t-ara JJANG!
  7. t-ara...please return fast...i miss u guys.. :( i want to see all of you perform again...
  8. they already apologize...people..please accept them back...we need t-ara...i want to see them again..
  9. please..end up this controversy...they do not deserve to be treat like this...aishh~
  10. hope people can accept them...i will keep support u guys...T-ARA~ HWAITING!!
  11. they sure are happy with their comeback...well,everyone waiting for them obviously...i feel like waiting for forever..haha...congratulations for your comeback!!!
  12. mmm...eventhough its true people will see that they leave because of the controversy...poor woojung couple.. anyway,i love watching these couple!!
  13. wow..very beautiful transformation!! jiyeon is the bad one??? haha..can wait to see the MV... T-ara jjang!!
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