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  1. Korea is pretty conservative country it's not surprise that they want it replaced. I am a guy, even I wasn't crazy about that part, somehow it's not real side of Jiyeon. Even she said that it wasn't her idea, but company pushed it.
  2. And she's 28 years old woman. You tell me that I have to belive that.
  3. Her lack of confidence kept her from being more exposed. It's never late to get better, hope the best for her. We wish to see you more lovely girl!
  4. Yay! Back to variety shows! Hope to see them more often. Plus, I got bonus because these two are my favorite girls.
  5. I love that she's getting more attention too, she does the great job. Beautiful distinctive voice, kind of lower register, clear, perfect pitch, and still dances very well. I like her outfit too! She' really messing with my bias Eunjung.
  6. Oh my... Cant stop fanboying here, this little cute girls is too much to handle. One of the best photos of her to date.
  7. I love it, the song is supper addictive! And the girls look drop dead horehound as always.
  8. I love Eunjung's smile, makes me smile whenever I see it.
  9. Those huge cute eyes are killing me over and over.
  10. Wow Hyomin indeed have grown a lot. I like the fancams, can't wait for the full release.
  11. No doubt us Aqueens will support them to farest extent, including but not limited to buying albums, iTunes tracks, going to showcases (if they are reasonably close) and of course concerts! But I just fail to see that Korean only speaking group can succeed here. Even if they learn basic English, man, will they get interviews, go to TV shows?... Darn, that fail interview in shoe store in LA was sad. So I guess, lets support them and hopefully even if they fail it doesn't destroy them.
  12. Hopefully that will be drama or movie that she's about to be involved with.
  13. My bias Jungie looks so elegant and beautiful. I'm glad she endured pain from last the fall when they removed her from FF drama and she now shines brightly!
  14. Oh my!! They.Are.Drop.Gorgeous, especially Eunjung and Boram!!! Love T-ara girls forever! Boram incredibly reminds me of Nam Gyu Ri from the drama Cruel City.
  15. I love the fact that Boram is getting more screen time with this show.She definitely deserved to be seen more. She's not the best actor neither model, but that won't stop that little hardworking chipmunk to win our hearts. I bet you that guys can't forget her big cute adorable eyes!
  16. Here we got relaxing summer song and let's just enjoy it. If CCM would expect to make hit out of it, they would promote it more seriously. Now let me point to this: did you notice that there are six girls in MV just like six T-ara members? They even resemble some of our girls (more or less). Chick in red bikini obviously would be Eunjung, horizontal color stripes bikini girl would be Soyeon. One in gray top looks like Hyomin, and the girl with two ponytails and green bikini wanna look like Jiyoen. Tanned one would be Qri and lastly black long hair girl doesn't look like Boram but let's assume it. There's probably reason why CCM didn't put our girls in MV. Say, it could be because they are too busy, they don't count on this song to make tons on money, maybe they want to maintain image for all audiences... You will agree with me that this would be most revealing T-ara edition if thy would participate in MV. Maybe some of them just aren't sexy enough to be in bikini MV ( no offense here please, our girls are all gorgeous!!!!) Anyway song fits the summer mood and let's just enjoy it!
  17. Eunjung ages backward, she is just too adorable. Soyeon and Boram look like dolls, and I can see why Jiyeon is the most popular member. Qri though, scares me with her wide open eyes, I love her when she is not overdoing it.
  18. I love it too, fits them really well. T-ara beauties rule the seas!
  19. The 5-member lineup you mentioned never actually debuted. They were trained as 5 member group for few years, but when they finally debuted they were six member group: Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Soyeon, Boram and Qri.To me debuted lineup is the one that counts.
  20. So that's why she is missing. Hopefully Jiyeonie doesn't mess up her hairstyle, I liked her long her it suits her really well.
  21. I miss new/old maknae Jiyeon, I wonder if she has extra project like some variety show or else. *hate to assume negative things
  22. My Jungie is absolutely adorable here, for some reason she looks way younger than usually.
  23. Lol, me too. I'd be hooked up on the game and play it whole day long! Love thir cute characters. I love the song and their clear voices especiay Eunjung's and Soyeon's.
  24. Eunjung is absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!!! This girl can really make my day
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