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  1. I just saw on Youtube regarding the incident in Vietnam. T-ara were surrounded by fans who wanted to get pictures together with the members, and there was no order >.< , lots of fans just jumped to the stage. I hope T-ara will have better promoter next time.
  2. I'm Loving Qri in Green Hair!! Just like an anime character Will she be the main point for this single?
  3. In soompi there's an article titled; “Bridal Mask” Production Team Not Happy With Jin Se Yeon’s Decision To Join “Five Fingers”: "In the middle of the shocking decision to choose currently airing KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bridal Mask” female lead Jin Se Yeon, who is still shooting for the drama, over T-ara member Eunjung for the female lead role in drama “Five Fingers,” it has come out that KBS is not happy with such a decision and cannot understand such a decision. On August 23, “Bridal Mask” drama producer Lee Geon Jun said that, “It is ridiculous and unheard of for a mini-series drama female lead, while the drama is still broadcasting, to be splitting her time appearing in another drama.” The “Bridal Mask” drama production’s concern is that as the two dramas’ shooting schedules overlap, at a critical point in shooting, the busy drama “Bridal Mask” might suffer some harm." Having two drama shooting at once in Korea seems a handful, I don't want to see this as apersonal greed in Se Yeon, but I guess Se Yeon's agency is an ambitious one. I hope this new star won't become another victim of K-entertainment like our Eunjung >.<.
  4. I just paid attention to K-pop in recent years only, so all of these blows towards T-ara made me realize how low K-entertainment can go...
  5. @ scatter_88mil : And the endorsement deals they lost, and their highly anticipated concert that's canceled... >.< I just hope they can over come all of this (and maybe some to come in the future), and become stronger actresses
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