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  1. Photo: http://t.co/7TywIll1dZ

  2. Photoset: towergal: googlevideos: pickleturtle: paul4allseasons: WHAT IS GOING ON!? do the harlem shake... http://t.co/BZrCGXP4

  3. Audio: clematispassiflora: dwellingbuttmonkey: victoriayny: balphesian: madimpossible: sibilidomdom: 8 Year... http://t.co/zftQW5Pd

  4. Video: rainbowsandfood: foxnewsofficial: i can’t stop watching this it’s a different experience every time... http://t.co/ArNx75W7

  5. Photoset: buzzfeed: Chris Brown sitting down while Frank Ocean receives his award just to remind everyone in... http://t.co/6armYEyA

  6. Audio: hatexxxxing: kurlozusedmistletoe: hatexxxxing: i laughed so hard i spilled soup on my keyboard and... http://t.co/d8yGuMl5

  7. 소연 SOYEON FANBOY: T -48 T-ARA comeback - soyeon-fanboy: Not sure how this will be rolled out as its a single... http://t.co/2wjl8O6p

  8. Photoset: T-ara will perform 4 Songs On the 27th Golden Disc Award in Kuala Lumpur http://t.co/cdLI9K5C

  9. Photo: allisonlovesit: nottonightgypsy: daftedly: snoulers: poopyjenkins: I was not expecting that I’m so... http://t.co/xiIAvHR3

  10. Was your ass forged by Sauron? - dexbonus: wilwheaton: duelpersonality: horrordolls: Because that xxxx looks... http://t.co/reFecRoQ

  11. Photo: redic-nomad: Normal dog anatomy is too boring! This is cuter http://t.co/MfNbgJ5F

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