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  1. If read incorrectly, the title can be so misleading.... -_____-
  2. DAEBAK~!!! T-ara hwaiting!! The new song is addictively awesome!! Can't wait for their official comeback! :D :D :D
  3. When I write letters to people, I don't use the sloppy handwriting I usually do when I write myself notes... so I don't understand how netizens can compare their handwriting on the letter to their handwriting on other occasions... the circumstances are completely different. Guess they're not smart enough to figure that out? -____-;;
  4. Omo!!! so excited! The music is awesome and I'm sure this can be a great comeback with the support of us fans! T-ara hwaiting!!
  5. I dislike how haters will just bash their letter and call it fake.... as long as we can show them the love true fans still have for them, I hope they can get through it and continue to promote, act, and perform!!!
  6. Thank you! I'm so glad someone like her had the courage to speak up and defend Soyeon as well as all of T-ara. She's definitely bringing some level-headed thinking.
  7. the music programs better not deny them their comeback stages.... that'll just be lowly of them if they do.
  8. I'm glad they're thinking of coming back soon, but I'm also worried about the evil netizens just out to get them..... T-ara fighting!!!!
  9. Thanks for the translation! It's great to see that Hwayoung finally spoke up. I hope to see all of T-ara, but especially Eunjung, back up on their feet. Hwaiting!!!!
  10. Wow..... just wow... the lengths the industry goes to just because people feel uncomfortable... change the channel if you don't wanna see them on tv. It's not that hard. Just press a little button on the remote. -___-;
  11. What Jangwoo did for her was so thoughtful.. and you could definitely tell that they didn't want their separation to be like this and especially not under the current circumstances...
  12. Whether she goes back or not, it wouldn't be the same either way. They already made her suffer by taking her out of the drama without telling her beforehand. Her going back will not take away what she's been going through emotionally these past few days and weeks.
  13. The writer is right, unfortunately, at this point, in fact much before all this happened, I had no hopes set on KKS making anything better for the girls. I just hope netizens can leave our girls alone, especially Eunjung.
  14. Thank you for sharing!! Great quality. I needed to remember the old times.
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