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  1. @Support can I change my account into different name nevertheless my followers still the same?

  2. great activity.. hope bring them big success next year
  3. RT @v111222v: who could translate some Japanese magazines about jangwoo into English if has spare time?so I could translate it into Chinese…

  4. They looked so relaxed.. Time has gone very fast, it's a month already.. T-ara fighting!!
  5. at first and second round, the program was really funny but the end of the second part and the third was really heart breaking
  6. More and more activities to come.. heard that t-ara will have new album comeback in Korea this June... T-ara fighting.. stay healthy.. you need time to rest as well
  7. congrats T-ara!! happy to know this news.. Hopefully the albums will be sold well
  8. T-ara day -3 (aomori) with eng subs http://t.co/TbsCDTba41

  9. OMG"@v111222v: Jangwoo said they call each other pet name before and their name on each others handphone is "a half of divorced ppl"now.XD"

  10. One's Happiness could be feel by him/herself. Sometimes could be share but mostly only him/herself could feel the happiness within. Be happy

  11. Eunjung congrats to you!!! stay strong and show off your talent.. I am sure you could amaze many people
  12. #whatever happened, let it be.. You'll be alright, don't worry
  13. I got from @kckclala: [TRANS QRI'S TWEET] Get rid of unnecessary thoughts and sense of accomplishment will arise!! Ja, So hwaiting for today too.. (Cr. @_transbot)
  14. congratulations to T-ara.. Hope you will have more power next year
  15. "@catgoh92 hope JW-EJ meet: RT T-ara will perform on Music Bank's Year End Special Tomorrow! ~ T-ara World ~ 티아라 http://t.co/FLLD6Grw"

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