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  1. Oh man, i really wanna send them money but I'm afraid they won't accept it >.< - should i just take the chance? it's only 7 dollars lol ...
  2. I already bought it on iTunes and also a physical copy, I even gifted the album on iTunes to TWO people (So 3 total with myself!). I just wanna go that extra mile where it really counts digitally and get it through Melon
  3. So i made a post on those forums asking if they're still accepting payments but didn't get any response (this was 2 days ago) and I really wanna support our girls through Melon - anyone have any thoughts?!?! T.T EDIT: So i got a view on my post but no comments >.>
  4. Number 9 is everything I wanted and more!!!!! Its so damn sexy and catchy and it has some of their best vocal work in years imo!
  5. A Korean T-ara Album soon? Yes please! But WHEN!
  6. There's a short version? As if it wasn't short enough..... How about a Super Long Version!!!
  7. Loves it! but the song is too short. Do they plan on releasing a dance/choreography version??? God, I hope so..
  8. Sounds amazing as usual!! Speaking of Bunny Style, any figures as to how many copies it sold??
  9. Their voices are flawless!!!!! And haters have the nerve to say only Soyeon is a good singer in T-ara? Pft! suck on that!
  10. They all look freaking breathtaking! As for the two comments above, don't forget this is like Soyeon's first time performing in like.....forever. Plus she seems to be concerned about her mic pac or something, she kept adjusting it. Anyways, I can't wait for a full T-ara comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. That would of happened regardless if it was shared here or not. I don't see what all this comotion is about. I however won't believe this "fan account" until i see the video for myself.
  12. They did so freaking good. I am very proud of them!!
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