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  2. Wild & sexy..keke..those teasers looks great even in low resolution =D~ Anticipating another MV that better than Cry2. Cry2 is the best MV so far IMO, interesting story (especially at ending credit teaser..dying to wait next chapter..LOL), well directed and contain both dance & slow versions..
  3. Ooh..lovely Sso! keke.. @Jy_t2907 Cre: facebook..Sso now has a fb acc..?
  4. New leader, maknae (kyubis) and fake maknae LOL! This makes my day! =)
  5. Rambbo expressions and Sso smiles. Good luck in Japan! T-ara fighting!
  6. Well it's actually explained that stup*d article writer got mental illness..hmmh..add the CEO It's been hard years but I believe T-ara & Queen's are getting stronger
  7. Bye Reumy~ wish u all the best in your solo activities! All 9 T-ara Fighthing! =)

  8. What's your TARGET?

  9. I love the show and fighting for subbing team..keke~ Just notice that Wooram is slightly..taller than Rambbo. Theyre both soo cute together Anyone know boram's ringbacktone at Video part 2: 04:18?
  10. Now with pirate concept..that's soo..T-ara. They don't go with usual sailor theme but pirate..and it also can be cute..devil tails and cracked blink skull with crown logo..interesting concept, nice cover..LOL..
  11. Nice song, I'm a fan of CCM ballads and nice acting by Jiyeon Now I hope the MV will not be banned because of some ridiculous reason such as..violence, blood (looks real..keke =p~) and suicide attempt portrayal..can't really predict haters movements..I believe CCM/KKS should at least anticipate that before they release such a good MV >.< ..and..just realise that Sso (and other T-ara Kyubies members sing this song - I hope not..) is now promoting in both Korea and Japan? OMG..I hope she's not overworking herself by performing live in both countries and not to mention T-ara will release another album/single next month. Although this song is only a ballad and Japanese songs tend not to require some vigorous dance as TN4..trying to keep positive here @_#! Got updates that on June 11 Kyubies were coming back to Korea..keke~
  12. I'm glad niconico release the daily T-ara series..for Kyubies ^__^ and yea they're doing an awesome job! Boram at 7:43~8:28 she's still a kid..omg sooo cutee..you wouldn't want to miss her in actions and..Sso expression at 11:01 tell us she's got enough cute Rambbo, she want sexy Rambbo..keke..
  13. I really love Sso performance here. She perform live and confidently try to interact with the audience. We all know shes the most fluent in Japanese within T-ara members =) other members should study harder..keke~ Rambbo and Qri also gorgeous here, love their outfit, simple and nice!
  14. Boram looks tired in the interview but she still give us big smiles T-ara kyubis fighting!
  15. I really love Rambbo expression at the ending! She's so cute and adorable..keke
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