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  1. @taraeunjung1212 Always be Happy and Keep on smiling, Jungiee. Stay Safe and healthy. Do what you believe shalll ma… https://t.co/RkJCQrF2Id

  2. @taraeunjung1212 A memory that shall last for a life time. I wish you all the success this world has to offer, Jung… https://t.co/rbYA9aXCzB

  3. @taraeunjung1212 Gdnyt Princess. Love ya & Be Happy. TC of yourself & Stay Safe. Keep on smiling, Baby. Kisses & Hugs http://t.co/MyoRoUmNGg

  4. RT @Hahmkkai: [EUNJUNG] T-ARA Holic 更新:spring 春天~~ http://t.co/uYIsFv7WjR

  5. RT @kimsungil69: 서울패션위크 장광효 카루소 쇼에서 오랜만에 만난 티아라 은정, 메이컵 아티스트 박태윤. http://t.co/xfTwMxsqiV

  6. RT @EunChanNet: 제새끼좀 봐주세요 흡..."@jaioil: 140125 불후의 명곡 티아라 머나먼 고향 http://t.co/zvQOBSetyr"

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