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  1. @kiiinseu I haven’t left anything behind. Just moved to somewhere good with good memories. Plus the more one show h… https://t.co/5DEtAL83BZ

  2. @taraeunjung1212 Many many Happy returns of the day- Happy Birthday, Jungiee. I wish you all the Happiness and Succ… https://t.co/Z3UZgZNAcW

  3. @taraeunjung1212 Always be Happy and Keep on smiling, Jungiee. Stay Safe and healthy. Do what you believe shalll ma… https://t.co/RkJCQrF2Id

  4. @taraeunjung1212 A memory that shall last for a life time. I wish you all the success this world has to offer, Jung… https://t.co/rbYA9aXCzB

  5. @taraeunjung1212 Gdnyt Princess. Love ya & Be Happy. TC of yourself & Stay Safe. Keep on smiling, Baby. Kisses & Hugs http://t.co/MyoRoUmNGg

  6. RT @Hahmkkai: [EUNJUNG] T-ARA Holic 更新:spring 春天~~ http://t.co/uYIsFv7WjR

  7. RT @kimsungil69: 서울패션위크 장광효 카루소 쇼에서 오랜만에 만난 티아라 은정, 메이컵 아티스트 박태윤. http://t.co/xfTwMxsqiV

  8. RT @EunChanNet: 제새끼좀 봐주세요 흡..."@jaioil: 140125 불후의 명곡 티아라 머나먼 고향 http://t.co/zvQOBSetyr"

  9. Sm1 who isnt ready to sacrifice has no right 2 wish nyth. I'm ready 2 giv up asmuch it deems necessary shld U b by my side @taraeunjung1212

  10. RT @Hahmkkai: [WORK]131221 T-ARA ON AIR in Guangzhou - Dance Battle(Eunjung) @taraeunjung1212 http://t.co/NSYORtTZ7w [DO NOT RE-UPLOAD/DO N…

  11. So, I wasn't being over sensitive at all, lol.. I guess Jungiee is annoyed coz Soyeon is playing with her little sister.
  12. I see what you did there.. I cant look Soyeon and Jiyeon in the same way again, lol. Btw, is it just me or did anyone thought Jungiee looked irritated and told them to Stop it? Yo, CF.. I have seen you posting lots of Nautghy Good gifs in the last 2 weeks.
  13. RT @EunChanNet: 130906 후쿠오카 Beautiful sniper 은정 직캠 업로드 http://t.co/5NbTP0uyVz (http://t.co/ntk15SvFJD)

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