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  1. post certification shots ? what does it mean? i would like to pre-order their album NOWW~ X)
  2. well , i buy T-ara Free Time in Paris and Swiss , recommended
  3. t-ara confession told everything, definitely support Eunjung and T-ara's !
  4. *Crying* , hope they will come to malaysia again ! Hwaiting !!
  5. i live at MY , but i can't go support them and meet them ! hope they can do their best !! fighting fighting !
  6. i'm waiting for Eunjung solo android apps , they need some rest , T-ara always Queen's Forever
  7. T.T ... i live at penang, not KL ! noooooo~ so sadd..
  8. pls include malaysia ! :D i definitely go support them ! T-ara always
  9. i hope t-ara's will come to malaysia next year, AGAIN ! all the best to them !!
  10. next it should be Malaysia !! even though i can't go and cheer for T-ara , T-ara always
  11. Omgg , i miss the LIVE M!Countdown Aww.. but it's awesome ! Sexy Love
  12. How to slim down and lose body f@t effectively http://t.co/kyIpXPrE - quick and easy.

  13. Fight anti-aging http://t.co/rwHuZ8Ks look and feel healthier, younger..

  14. t-ara's sure feel tired .. hmm , in order to make a comeback. t-ara always Queen's forever
  15. Awesome performance from T-Ara i like their outfit , especially the doll outfit, look so much cute.. :3:3 T-ara always Queen's Forever
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