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  1. all t-ara fans from all over the world comment [T-Ara Queens ], daebak ! love them ! great performance t-ara always
  2. 2 more hours to go! btw, there's so much Sexy Love Mv , haha. like it so much ! T-ara always
  3. Awww.. i don't get it why they can get negative reaction just because of this.
  4. How to slim down and lose body f@t effectively http://t.co/3qIcJWoq - quick and easy.

  5. love their mirage album picture so much Sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth , Don't you know? :3
  6. T-ara fans power is so much strong ! i love the dance ver and drama ver
  7. Zzang zzang !! 4 more hours to go ~~ hwaiting hwaiting ! t-ara always Eunjung <3
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