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    McdonaldBry reacted to Timtam in [CAPS] T-ara in Paris and Swiss photobook *completed* 01/11/12   
    So it seems that many of you guys want to buy this ptb but still deciding between this and Best of Best version C. I personally have bought this one, and I did not watch any of the unboxing vid (well except the "speedy" unboxing vid of shawnkang ). You guys probably watched a few unboxing vids but still....deciding right? That made me decided to actually open the ptb and CAP the wholething in order to give you guys more ideas about what the ptb actually looks like close up.
    Here are some preview pics:

    Sorry for my thumb gotten in the way it was kinda hard to me to adjust the angle in order to avoid the lights from corrupting so much. So basically I had to adjust the ptb/pages so the CAPs would looks good and with less lights on the pages as possible, that explain why you see my thumb on every pic..
    Common question:
    1. How big is the ptb?

    As you can see in the picture above, it's about that big so if you have a CD case at home like that, guess you can just try to draw it out and you'll be amaze once you actually holding it in your hand because it's really really big. (pic taken at night...so bad quality..lol)
    2. Where can I get this ptb?
    It is available on yesasia for $49.99 (free shipping included because it passed the mininum limit for free shipping option, which is $39.00). Please support Diadem by click on the link at the front page to go to straight to the item's page on yesasia, then make your order/payment like normal. It also available on other websites but I only know yesasia so...
    3. Is the quality of the pics looks good? Your CAPs seem a little...uhm...
    In the actual ptb, there are various types of effect added to the pictures. Some of the pic are absolute clear, while some looks kinda blurry due to the stretch of the original photos' size (this is understandable) and also because of the effects added to the photo.
    I tried my best to CAP the pics in the best quality as possible, if you have good eyes, you will see which pics are absolute clear and which pics aren't just by looking at my CAPs carefully.
    4. How good is the ptb in your opinion?
    In my opinions, this ptb is really good, except the fact that Hwa was cropped out, which kinda killed it a little + a few obvious photos of her cropped out were included in the ptb (3 pics). I wasn't so cool with that, it's best not to put those photos in rather than having it like that.
    Beside from that, the ptb itself is very good, I'm very happy with the pictures, the girls looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful. It was worth it! Also it came with a remixed CD of all T-ara hits...
    5. Is it recommended?
    I don't recommend you to buy this....I'm TELLING YOU TO BUY THIS... It's a MUST HAVE if you guys missed out on Freedom in Paris (the Paris ptb included Hwa) then you must get this one. The stocks are still available so get yourself a copy ASAP guys!
    Also congrats to Boram and Q-ri stans....those two looks prettiest in the ptb in my opinions. I stared at Boram's pages for so long before flipped to the next one....she really does looks pretty in it. So what are you waiting for guys? Get your copy right now...
    As you can see I did not put any "sig" in the pics, so you're about to share/post the pics anywhere. Please credit me if possible, I didn't want to put any sig on it part because this is kinda urgent (well get yourself a copy now or the next day it will run out lol...who knows) part because I just don't want to see the sig on the pics, so hope you guys will credit me when re-post/upload. Thank you!
    However....If you guys want the solo CAP of the girls (single pages only) you can leave a comment below and if I have time, I'll try my best to CAP it for you guys (without my thumb in the pictures ofcourse )
    credit: Timtam + tiaradiadem.com
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    McdonaldBry got a reaction from Jiyeoniixx in [12.09.21] T-ara to spend their Chuseok holiday in Malaysia   
    T.T ... i live at penang, not KL !
    so sadd..
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    McdonaldBry got a reaction from LiveSeoul in [INFO]Black Ocean.   
    t-ara does not deserve that. :(
    thanks for telling me , LiveSeoul !
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    McdonaldBry reacted to LiveSeoul in [INFO]Black Ocean.   
    Well yeah, you know how when you have a sea of lights it means the crowd is support you and is happy.
    But when it is a black ocean basically no one cares / is into the music..
    Which is a result of rumors/scandals/or anything bad basically.
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    McdonaldBry got a reaction from guliasam in [12.08.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Music Core   
    Awesome performance from T-Ara
    i like their outfit , especially the doll outfit,
    look so much cute.. :3:3
    T-ara always
    Queen's Forever
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