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  1. RT @GRLGROUPCONFESS: I just want people to get past T-ara's bullying scandal and support them because they really aren't bad people like th…

  2. Everyone have derp faces, meanwhile Qri have that "xxxx, please, I'm too fabulous for this xxxx" face

  3. RT @jypdino: The topic of the show that T-ara recording in China is Beautiful girls in Hunan...let's compare with other guests... http://t.…

  4. This thing with EunYeon is going too far -_-

  5. RT @mjc0930: poor those people who can only ship two members in T-Ara when actually ship everyone in T-Ara with everyone in T-Ara is giving…

  6. RT @KOREATOWN: They're back in Korea after picking up the $$$$$ in China. http://t.co/GwnozxOhZS

  7. RT @JiyeonKira: [EunMinYeon during Hunan TV] Hyomin hugged Jiyeon's waist and touched her tummy. Eunjung saw that and got jealous. LMAO thi…

  8. NowPlaying 베스티 (BESTie) / 연애의 조건 (Love Options) / 연애의 조건 (Love Options)

  9. Just imagine how much T-ara's popularity in China will skyrocket if they'll have a collaboration with S.H.E....

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