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  1. gotta agree on you with not believing in everything someone says. totally, today's fans are just too extreme. they start spreading bad news just like they knew everything. we need to see this in 2 point of view, whether it's from hwayoung view, or the other members (in this case, + the CCM management) because this xxxx happens too for 2PM and there's always the most vague truth available out there. WE WILL NOT KNOW who is the right one. let's just support both.
  2. speechless... and why hwayoung? damn, she's the rapper. and when she join T-ara, she makes T-ara looks so badass with a new rapper. you gotta admit, 6 of them never have the real ability to rap. too bad this is the announcement. i prefer the older member to be terminated... but really, i think KKS only think about T-ara's popularity and don't want to lose all of it in just one night just because some bullying pranks. let's just hope the best for hwayoung career... so the entire co-ed school is already losing their popularity and now hwayoung just getting drag to became a trainee again? lol
  3. brace yourself guys. big xxxx will occur in just another 2 or 3 days I think if this big news was their disbandment (which is i think it's a really small chance for this to happen because of the contract and stuff they have) it will be a very very big loss for CCM and also KKS as their CEO. my prediction was maybe a graduating member? maybe it will be one from the 6 members (eunjung, jiyeon, boram, qri, soyeon, hyomin) since they are the old members and CCM really don't want to lose T-ara trademark as one of the hottest group right now in kpop industry. they still got young members like hwayoung, dani, ahreum so maybe they will start fresh as the new main of the group. well, i hope all of this was just some kind of prank though. i really love seeing 7 of them together and with additional members like Dani and Ahreum, i really found them more interesting. been a fan since their debut days though, and i think right now is probably their most interesting moments after 3 years in music industry.
  4. hahaha this is so funny. just because they have the same name with a company, they got a free snack? maybe t-ara need to start promoting an expensive things name as their next single so they can get a lot of free stuff. lol this news is funny haha
  5. WOW t-ara will join forces with Johnnys Ent. ? it's like the best entertainment in Japan cause they got so many succesful and talented artist. i think T-ara japan debut will be so great! can't wait for it
  6. SO LOOKING FORWARD FOR THIS!!!!!! the news that eunjung gonna be on wgm is true and then WGM is one of my fav shows so it will be so awesome seeing eunjung every saturday. lol but i really don't know who is lee jang woo. hoping to see him in WGM, how they became a couple~~ ahhh can't wait!!!
  7. i was so damn happy to see all of them got some experience in acting industry. we know that it's not so easy to get the chance and they all will learn something from this too! i'm looking forward to see Qri though. for me she looks like the one who doesn't stand out much so this one needs to be success! haha
  8. oh i hope the comeback was daebak. i hope they didn't come out with a lame concept, because T-ara is doing good right now! and i can't wait to see the new girl. i hope she can keep it up with the other members!
  9. wow. safety comes first! you know there are so many rumours coming up if it was a amusement park. people sometimes heard that amusement park is not that secure anymore. hahaha i hope the girls will do a good job!
  10. she looks like eunjung + goo hara but a little bit fat in the cheeks for me thanks for sharing though! i hope this girl got some talent to show off
  11. still can't get over it. but pleaseeeeee. this member gotta be good at dancing / singing cause i really don't want anything to change at first. >< i hope the new maknae will bring something new and fresh.......
  12. i still can't get over it.... i mean... i already get used to eunjung as the leader, but the sudden change............ still can't get over it really. i need to hear the explanation first.... when t-ara debuting i know that eunjung isn't the first leader, but after the fame they got, it's suddenly change? ahhh. looks like a nightmare ><
  13. owww. so scary. lol but it's funny to see jiyeon that usually looks so cute turn out to be like this in the movie. hahaha
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