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  1. It's #MyTwitterAnniversary! I have been on Twitter for 7 years (since 8 Apr 2011). And you? https://t.co/YcZFunZsRi

  2. RT @Neelofa: Let’s Flamingle with me today at #NaelofarHijab Luxe Boutique TTDI to celebrate the #FlamingobyNH collection! The event starts…

  3. RT @seolskirt: after a 5 year witchhunt, several black oceans and getting no screams at all at public concerts T-ARA IS BACK https://t.co/d…

  4. RT @jikadeudeuh: Good Morning @pjy1234 https://t.co/ngziUqQfyR

  5. RT @_kimtaeyeons: Kim Taeyeon tryna be sexy but ended up being cute af im in love??? https://t.co/2eoA221vwF

  6. RT @soompi: T-ara Members Bring Up Their Painful Past On “SNL Korea 9” https://t.co/f1RQLieC4o https://t.co/oAaMqwXiQO

  7. RT @yoonasavior: Phantasia in Seoul DVD by artoopio Disc 1: https://t.co/P6jFQLThho Disc 2: https://t.co/exSBqXHPCk BTS: https://t.co/qe5Jp…

  8. RT @Teng_citrine: long time no see jj couple https://t.co/FpW4qIuX14

  9. It's my #Twitterversary! I have been on Twitter for 6 years (since 8 Apr 2011). And you? https://t.co/YcZFunZsRi

  10. 170318 태연 Fine 현장 포토 https://t.co/IBGxgVB4YF

  11. RT @kaiser7907: 170304 김포공항 도착 #지연 #Jiyeon @pjy1234 https://t.co/Rhnf60BUKW

  12. RT @tiaradiadem: [SUBS] 161208 Mwave Meet & Greet - T-ara (Remember) https://t.co/rtrlKPro8Q https://t.co/GAHwtJrEnD https://t.co/pcjNppuvMm

  13. RT @aid_illa: Aduhh nie yg buat lemah satu badan nie .. awat lah ??? iffat nie .. mlm nie #BiarAkuJadiPenunggu #teamiffathamani @jannanick9…

  14. RT @Jiyeonista: PLEASE CALM DOWN https://t.co/bfymwLcQKf

  15. RT @ThisOldGuitar1: Give you a look at my goddess wife #2 #Jiyeon ? 潮流前线CLUB https://t.co/bU4DE3eAVc https://t.co/vV7Jj2JPMH https://t.co/3…

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