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  1. T-ara was really so honest and pure , am thinking that they should made a film about T-ara
  2. hahaha ok then hyomin ssi, all the best to u and t-ara. btw thanks for the translation~appreciate!
  3. I wish this is for the InStyle Malaysia..i wish heheh
  4. *likes thanks for sharing..congrats to the girls as well
  5. Hyomin looks sexy in that dress and looking tired though.. Ouhh..congrats to them . And what did their win?
  6. T_T i miss them already..feel free to come here again t-ara
  7. ahh what a relieve they've finally arrive here really can't wait for their 1st ever showcase here in MALAYSIA!! t-ara HWAITING!! thank u guys for the pix and for welcoming them at the airport
  8. nevermind about t-ara didn't get no.1, as long as they got the love <3<3 T-ara
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