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  1. Great performance and I love their outfit. It seems the girls are slowly recovering from the whole controversy. Lol, Jiyeon's wink at the end. So cute. x]
  2. Yay I'm proud of them and their accomplishment! I'm jealous though. They should come to California too.
  3. Wow. Such rude and immature audiences. =/ However, the situation didn't seem as bad as the SNSD black ocean.I don't think it should be considered a black ocean. I'm glad they maintained their professionalism. And good thing the KQueens cheered them up during the inkigayo prerecording. T-ara hit rock bottom, but the only way to go now is up. T-ara Fighting!
  4. Thank you for sharing! I hope we'll be able to see genuine smiles from the girls soon. =/ I just checked mcountdown rating and Sexy Love is still in the lead.
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