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  1. Fantastic!! The song is cool but I thought the music video is a little bit tiring for the eyes
  2. I don't have words to show my saddness She isn't my bias but i liked her a lot...I hope she'll sucessfull and happy in her new 'road of life'. She will never walk alone.
  3. I'll waiting more time...but i want the Diamond edition^^ But how much in US Dollars? I'm waiting a good package and other "extras"
  4. Amazing!!! But, Where is DAVICHI??? I would like to see Minkyung and Haeri in that project too
  5. all is true!!! In the last lives she was free, relaxed, happy....I wish they've a time to rest during the QBS promotions in Japan.
  6. Cute *-* Did she drew it? I love it *-* I hope girls back to twitter...I miss their comments in the internet
  7. i'm waiting for sub too...my level in Korean aren't able to understand all the information wich the video contains....
  8. Great performance!!! Girls are so happy *-* And I love Hyomin's hair style, it's very cool ^^ And Areum so cute in her verse.
  9. So cute *-* I want see that video...but i'll be sad when I see they crying....
  10. Yes!!! That's amazing!! I love the Jiyeon's expression in that live, is the same of the MV *-* And the punch dance *-* So... why Areum didn't say anything in the interview? that's sad I love her voice
  11. I liked *-* They were amazing in that performance *-* I wish they win a prize soon
  12. GREAT LORD!!! THAT WAS A AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, UNBEATABLE, WONDERFUL (Imagine the UFC Octagon announcer's Bruce Buffer screaming it, hehehehe) PERFECT!!! I liked that debut a lot and i'm excited to put my hands in my Mini-albun's copy
  13. I love the mini-album ^^ And i bought my copy quickly after the MV release *-* Girls are amazing, Jungie, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum (so cute) *-* I don't have words....I have only feelings about that music, that mini-album, these MVs....
  14. Subbed Video is on!!!! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xzee8l_diademsubs-130426-princess-t-ara-ep-02_music#.UX3YUKJwrGA
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