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  1. there they are very lucky to get a signature t-ara T.T
  2. thankyou for share this image, i,ve been waiting for this..
  3. You look very beautiful wearing that dress noona, his color was also matched with you ~ hehe
  4. noona fighting, I know you're tired from yesterday appeared comeback with t-ara be strong noona, good luck, be careful...
  5. can not speak anything else after reading this TT noona do not worry, all the queens we will always support you whatever it's going to happen, really ... do not give up keep working to any time, T-ara can do it all keep fighting noona, T-ara fighting!!!
  6. Eunjung noona fighting!!! hopefully everything goes smoothly, show your qualities to all.. hehe T-ara fighting, eunjung noona fighting !
  7. nice! I can't wait for the new MV Number nine, they are very cool in the mv before let alone a new one later hehe t-ara fighting !
  8. keep the spirit ahreum, hopefully with your solo career can be current with good
  9. I love their costumes, it is suitable ~ if they do not feel that much heavier carry accessories? XD
  10. Jiyeon, what do you see? up to look like it I hope they also get so lucky to meet directly with t-ara
  11. oh god, hyomiiinnnn, you look so cool ~ costumes are nice and cool appearance, t-ara fighting !!!
  12. very cool very nice, t-ara really changed on this album, more fierce and sexy hehe I always will be support and love t-ara, t-ara fighting
  13. this product from where ? nice shoes, these shoes are nice when they both hold kkk~
  14. nice pictures, thanks for share admn ~ pirates and anime is nice concepts !
  15. LOL Qri noona so adorable, be my mind noona ~ hahaha
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