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  1. @visfralin Then you can choose to not do bulk if it’s that difficult. It’s about choices.

  2. ㅅ.. 세상에 https://t.co/nnuCIaYYJo

  3. RT @sanacottoncandy: 180528 おかえり #TWICE #트와이스 #사나 #SANA #とにかく可愛い湊崎 @JYPETWICE https://t.co/3mUZ82x5iC

  4. RT @ohmymiraclegirl: きたーっ! https://t.co/Sy6gAKVXST

  5. RT @sowonname1207: 180428 리복 밤밤 !!! #여자친구 #GFRIEND #소원 #sowon @GFRDofficial https://t.co/2xbWqSZniw

  6. @garyvee hey gary.. all the way from Malaysia, just curious.. pretty sure you once said you’ll be coming here in Oc… https://t.co/EHVXgqdyU4

  7. 오마이걸을 보러 싱가포르에 가볼까? ? https://t.co/PCxAqrIFHn

  8. @naboongs Clearly you are delusional https://t.co/avqaoBYPJ5

  9. @Sg_Nabonghini The diam 7 gif

  10. @BoRam_0322 #잊지못해

  11. RT @OH_mes: KCON Japan 2018 Lineup April 13 gugudan Momoland Pentagon Rainz Samuel Wanna One WJSN April 14 2PM Wooyoung BLK fromis_9 GFRI…

  12. Oh god, here we go with some triggered peeps https://t.co/JewtC3NFFN

  13. @azu__sowon 잘 찍었네요

  14. @pjyonlydabest grey in korea soon https://t.co/NiZpJLvu4F

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