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  1. "@TARACHINA_TCN: Hello everyone.This is T-ARA CHINA official twitter. 여러분 안녕하세요.여기는 티아라차이나의 공식 트위터입니다."@jiyeonfacts @HH_1TK

  2. #HamKyulDay 1212 means 爱你爱你 in chinese meaning luv u luv u ^^ happy birthday jungie cute pretty ^^
  3. "@HH_1TK: "@Jingdot: 121210 지연이 프리뷰... 의상이랑 헤어랑 시크돋아;; ㅇ-<--< http://t.co/hcymZ4Eo" 쥬금"@jiyeonfacts

  4. I just voted T-ara for Best Girl Group at 2012 #allkpopawards presented by NAVER BAND.


  5. https://t.co/Z5jc2gAV T♡ARA album interview in japan
  6. [FANCAM] 120725 T-ARA Jiyeon Hyomin Eunjung special stage @kinoebe http://t.co/OmLFy2fG

  7. https://t.co/HWS2zIPr Jiyeon Cool dance solo in bye bye performance♡♡
  8. https://t.co/IJKEvUDR Sexy♡Love MV with english sub in! Enjoy guys ^^
  9. Cutie adorable jiyeon funny face ^^) http://t.co/it73sml6

  10. https://t.co/Y1gYiPQT T♡ARA-(121103) Mr Pizza donation event
  11. Do u guys still remember on d 120708 where t-ara comeback stage they perform dont leave on sbs inkigayo? Anyone can repost it 2 utube again?

  12. https://t.co/U8KnNDqZ T-ARA.. D.i.s.c.o , retro rock!!
  13. Gaon chart national digital singles ranking " Sexy♚Love " 3rd place 84,406,481 points !!! (1/9/12- 30/9/12) Wooray!!♚♚♚

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