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  1. The best blonde hair style is still Jiyeon Day by Day concept ^^ http://t.co/QsLmx1GoR6

  2. 마법 지연 2014 - 05 - 22 Mnet 첫째 http://t.co/H5EjrPTwI8

  3. hmm what phone will hyomin change? S5? Note 3? She have been using her 3G S3 quite sometime already... Longest user is rambo Note 1 ^^

  4. 28-06-2011 ~ 28-06-2014 Roly Poly 3 주년 기념 지연 (티아라) 화이팅 ! @pjy1234 T-ARA(티아라) _ Roly Poly(롤리폴리) _ MV: http://t.co/7tNOTiRLEg

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!! So. Nice!!!!!! [T-ara Holic] #tara-holic http://t.co/eIgmbWvKAx

  6. Goodnight so so so so^^ [T-ara Holic] #tara-holic http://t.co/qX3uaYmcZv

  7. RT @yoyoburi: Great news for Jiyeon's stan ^^ VN Fanmeeting (Aug 2) will be the first time Jiyeon perform her solo stage - Never ever for o…

  8. Kbs music bank started..... ^^

  9. RT @b89530: Are you ready / 효민 솔로 데뷔 티저 http://t.co/PSJx9Nz67l @youtube 님이 공유

  10. RT @Jingdot: 띵동~ 지연이가 징친들에게 보내는 편지가 도착했습니다!


  11. RT @Jingdot: 140608 인천 팬싸인회 내지연 페도라...* 미쳐도라.. http://t.co/Oag10Un338

  12. RT @coremidas: [T-ARA] 6월7일!! 오늘은 #티아라 막내 #지연 양의 생일 입니다!!

    오늘 하루 반짝반짝 빛날수 있도록 축하해주세요~♥ http://t.co/QKrZd6yC7r

  13. 나는 ^ ^ 그래서 행복한 #HappyJiyeonday

  14. RT @Jingdot: Let's celebrate Jiyeon's Birthday by trending the hashtag #HappyJiyeonday

  15. RT @Jingdot: 140601 암웨이 영 페스티벌 Roly-Poly 직캠 업로드 http://t.co/fjQhkNvUWi / [ http://t.co/7xUVqypA3M ]

  16. RT @Jingdot: Jingdot isn't rich kk. It's all possible becoz of the support Jingchin have sent from worldwide.Thank u & let's support Jiyeon…

  17. PARK JI YEON 화이팅!!! [T-ara Holic] #tara-holic http://t.co/lhoRwryM04

  18. Hi, is jy birthday support still on? I wana help again ^^ @Jingdot

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