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  1. she always said that she's not good with books. i'm not really sure bout that. but i'm sure the diadems can offer to tutor her ^ ^
  2. what? dani's first time? wow. i thought she was in korea all her life
  3. :( Stay strong Qri! I know it's tough. i already went through it
  4. Thank you soo much for posting the subbed one! Poor those girls
  5. what??? i thought hong kong fans can't gather at airport. or was it china? LOL i'm confused
  6. wow... that was rude... were they paid to do that? or is it some really big anti group?
  7. moving actively across the globe ey? best of luck Tara!
  8. more and more korean celebrities are coming to malaysia. i wonder whyy...
  9. Still not sure about this, I mean it's not that i have a problem whit her joining, it's more like I'm woried about her. She is very young, and I can't help but wonder if she's not way in over her head. I guess time will tell.
  10. have anyone subbed the video already? can anyone give me the link? pretty please... =(
  11. does anyone know how much is it? and where to buy it online?
  12. propaganda, propaganda propaganda they're running out of issues and tried really hard to not being blamed
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