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  1. How long? For MBK, until T-ara can't make money for them anymore, for the members, until one of the them wants to quit.
  2. The 2nd photo is from their performance of IGCBOY at their 2nd concert on December 25th.
  3. The concert venue is in the Tokyo Dome city, but not the Tokyo Dome stadium where it could be called an arena concert. This venue has a capacity of around 3000 seats.
  4. With Jiyeon's and Hyomin's solos, I didn't realise that it has been more than 8 months since their last comeback as a group. After everything and looking at other groups under CCM, I'm just grateful that T-ara is still active and CCM still makes music for them.
  5. My account was lost at first, I believe, because I couldn't log in a few days ago, but now I can, though I didn't do anything. Everything seems ok, except for my group status is changed from donor to normal member. My reputation points are over 100, I don't remember exactly. Link to one of my post: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26299-accountpicsaudiovideos-bba-bba-bba-in-guangzhou/ (3rd post from top)
  6. Bunny Style didn't flop. They rank 2nd in The best selling J-pop Singles of 2013 on Yesasia. Of course if we take into account the fact that Bunny Style has 10 versions and the sale figure is the total of 10 versions, then it's still a flop. But they did heavily promote it. They went around Japan, filming T-ara Mainichi, having showcases to promote it for almost a month. And Target was really a big flop. I hope they do better this time.
  7. Sweet Treasure sells T-ara merchandise at T-ara's concerts in Japan. I spent more than $100 for those stuff when I went to see them at the Budokan, more than the ticket itself. CCM, on the other hand, seems so oblivious to the fact that fans love merchandise and are willing to spend more for them. So, no more ST, no more official merchandise.
  8. Desert? Will they film their comeback MV in Mongolia? There's Gobi, a big desert there.
  9. Getting 3 versions is out of the question for me. I'm broke after the trip to Japan. I might get the cheapest version and hope it comes with a Jiyeon card.
  10. Russian fans are so cool. We should do a clip like that too.
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