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  1. wow one things i can say to T-ara management is think hard first before making any harsh decision. T-ara members is having hard time in all they're mistakes Tsk.tsk.tsk
  2. i didn't expect them making this kind of music video. but i think this will sell on Japanese market they could also use this song as ost on anime
  3. wow that sounds good for T-ara its better for them to keep promoting in japan then come back in korea when its all clear and all rumors will die down soon Go T-ara keep fighting
  4. Wow its so nice to hear that T-ara is busy in korea and japan Go T-ara Hope for the best T-ara fighting
  5. yeah just dont pay any attention to those hackers and haters, just do your best and someday they will get tired and wll shut up T-ara fighting
  6. wow thank god that t-ara is now having fun with all the bad rumors and backlash of netizens. T-ara Fighting
  7. Eunjung fighting, thats just prove that you can't make everyone happy and in variety show producers would do everything just to get high ratings, Keep fighting
  8. no doubt about kks they always exaggerate everything anyway im still proud to be a t-ara fan t-ara fighting and be safe
  9. ohh no what to expect with K-netizens they will find a way to bash the T-ara and for CCM please think before you act or speak.I wonder what happen to Davinchi why didn't they renew their contract hmmmmm. CCM?
  10. yeah like Areum I'm envious Jiyeon small face, pretty skin and her nice nose
  11. wow my feelings is cut into two there's a part in me that is happy and hopping that they will have a concert in the Philippines and another part of is so concerned in T-ARA health condition they have so many schedule i hope their health can manage,
  12. why is that they keep adding members to T-ara anyway CCM doesnt care about education they dont even give T-ara enough time to eat,sleep and rest all they care about is earning money Poor Dani I hope your body can keep up with your future schedule and about your studies maybe they could a tutor
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