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  1. They are all looking good as usual. For whatever reason, I find that fake Hello Kitty tattoo to be really funny. Thanks for sharing :]
  2. Congratulations to T-ara. Good to see that despite the controversy, at least they can still show strong results.
  3. Pretty fun responses to a pretty strange question. Gotta love the whole Tom and Jerry thing going on.. Poor Boram..
  4. Yeaah, I agree with all the skeptics here. The anti's will find a way to hate them no matter what happens. I'll be cautiously optimistic, but I'm not sure if this will help.
  5. Thanks for posting these here, I wonder how long it took to make those Rilakkuma hats...
  6. Thanks for sharing these fan cams, I appreciate it. They are really good! Eunjung looking good as usual.
  7. Well, this sure is interesting, I'll be looking forward to see how this ends. Well best of luck to Eunjung D:
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