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  1. OMG Hyomin! >.< aahhh, please give me some that you eat !
  2. i like the new style of Areum Hair, simple ! Hyomin look cute here
  3. Jiyeon so beautiful Hyomiin >.< PRETTY ! ALL PRETTY AT HERE.....
  4. CCM make a new Girl Group, but Not know what names, Aruem is member for that group but she change to T-ara, am i right? New girl group of CCM those are beautiful O.O
  5. Woaahh ! Number 4. It okay for me because it have BigBang and Psy Not other girl group member top on t-ara ! T-ara FIGHTING !!!!
  6. LOL i laugh at Soyeon said "I'm worried about Boram changing diapers. She would feed me a lot of food, then I would become fat." LOOOL HAHAHA how cute Boram >.< Boram kinda Childish even she the oldest on this group, but however i like her so much !
  7. Hyomin style I LOVE HER STYLE ON THIS MMA2012. Her hair so beautiful >.<
  8. Hyomin so beatiful >.< i like when her laugh. haha i might her face look cutee !
  9. Hahaha, it funny. I like when soyeon said boram is childish even she is the oldest one. Hahaha.. Hyomin is friendlyyy
  10. woow, too fanatic for this. haha if me, i just scream until my voice out of it. HAHA but not crying.
  11. I like their dresses! Jiyeoon! Eunjung! Hyominn! Soyeoonn! Aruemm! Boraaaaamm! Qriiii! they active on japan right now. Ahhhh.
  12. If you follow my Twitter please mention me to follow you back! :)

  13. This picture have Hwayoung :') i miss her with them together ! Forever Jiyeon Hyomin Eunjung
  14. Cant wait Dani start their career with other member ;D Beauty Dani ;D
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