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  1. RT @RyanSesselman: She’s tough. But she’s worth it https://t.co/iBg7XMQdhL

  2. RT @KpopKfans: The reason why Shinhwa Dongwan wears earphones at gym https://t.co/fIo9g5vmDU https://t.co/A6Jr4tqRcs

  3. RT @1Obefiend: Hahaha @KarimRaslan lost his cool and gave SPR both barrels. LMAO https://t.co/BJkXlGsWgk

  4. RT @ShinhwaCompany: 예고편부터 재미있고 난리? 충격적인 자태! 대왕문어 사냥 <나만 믿고 따라와, 도시어부> 5월 3일 목요일 밤 11시 채널A 에릭, 이민우, 신혜성이 함께합니다! https://t.co/MqzAEGWfme

  5. RT @MsiaKPOPfans: [#LOTJinSabah] More lineup confirmed to join " Law of the Jungle in Sabah" -Shinhwa ( Eric, MinWoo, Andy) -Wannaone (On…

  6. RT @uberic: 너무 좋다 .?? https://t.co/OZV08cRYcI

  7. RT @chat728: https://t.co/s3yRA9LrOV https://t.co/ZOUmSJihzC

  8. RT @ShinhwaCompany: 1시간 뒤 신화20주년 팬파티 ‘ALL YOUR DREAMS’가 시작됩니다! #SHINHWA_TWENTY #신화 #SHINHWA #신화20주년 #ALL_YOUR_DREAMS #팬파티 #에릭 #이민우 #김동완 #신…

  9. RT @LIVEWORKSCO: 이민우, 홍석천, 여진구가 함께하는 tvN "현지에서 먹힐까?" 첫방송! 3월 27일 화요일 밤11시 많은 기대 부탁드립니다? https://t.co/1Eyzj6xuAW #신화 #이민우 #홍석천 #여진구 #tv…

  10. RT @Phi_216: #Shinhwa has recently recorded the MV for "All Your Dreams". It's a sequel to their 3rd album/MV "Only One". The new MV is a d…

  11. Shinhwa at no.8 ??? https://t.co/15KRUdbOUn

  12. RT @Phi_216: Funny how @standonghyuk falsely feed people with things Eric didn't say in his tweet just to stir up a fanwar yet she block pe…

  13. RT @cikk_yah: The history behind the colour orange - Kim Dongwan, 2008. Found this trans again in old soompi forum. You know u stan the rig…

  14. RT @ShinhwaCompany: 2018.01.21 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANDY HAPPY ANDY DAY ♥♥ #신화 #앤디 #생일축하합니다 #SHINHWA #ANDY #HAPPY_BIRTHDAY https://t.co/z4nGC…

  15. RT @elyanee: Really cant wait for a proper shincomeback this year. Shinhwa turning 20 finally, after all the years or actively promoting to…

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