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  1. nice!!!!!! she is so pretty in number 9 mv
  2. hey guys, here is the chinese subbed video of t-ara's conffesion, credits to whosever done it, and sorry still can't find the english sub yet
  3. happy birthday Sso, wish you stay happiness and healthy always <3
  4. This is so cool, give my respect to Russian queens. deabak
  5. Boram is super super cute hoho, please eat more in malaysia you need to get fatter
  6. haha, saw ahreum missed the dance at the back there, ahreum hwaiting
  7. Daebak!!! And they reached Malaysia safely, so excited haha. t-ara hwaiting
  8. Thank you so much~ and all the Queens who attended at the airport. These photos i grabbed from facebook fan page.
  9. Dear Queens, our T-ara finally reached Malaysia at night yesterday. CREDIT: Jazzy Group of Companies + @myt-ara + KAvenyou + @milkyung_ + Jiyeon Park (박지연) facebook fanspage
  10. it's ok to cut T-ara out of everything, because I wouldn't watch any shows without T-ara.
  11. why they ban t-ara's members just because of the stupid fake rumors? go eunjung kick their ass!!
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