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  1. They don't know, nor is it in any way their fault that the CD only contains 2 or 3 songs that you want to hear. Rather then complaining about such things, at the end of the day you are 1 person that can feel good about yourself knowing that instead of downloading, you bought the album and directly supported the girls with your purchase. Also keep in mind that without a doubt there are people who don't buy mini albums, and instead wait for albums such as these to get all/most songs. So even if in your case the album only has a few songs/new songs, for others it might be a album full of new songs.
  2. Don't have a lot of faith in Dani being in T-ara to be honest. Not because of her age, or anything else on her end because she seems like a nice person and all. It is just because CCM and such seems to be on a train to weird town doing all this crazy ****. As much as I'll support Dani being in T-ara, I guess I'll try not to get as attached to her as I did with Areum, who knows how long she'll last... :/ Shame really, all these things happening to T-ara, just as the sort of recovered from everything that happened last year, this happens. T_T
  3. I should most likely start managing my money a bit so I can get all 3 versions... *nods* Heh, yeah... TT
  4. Wooh, crazy! Can't wait to see what will end up coming from this. Sounds really awesome at least! ;D
  5. Hyomin at 5:12... So cute! Jiyeon and Hyomin are awesome together. =^-^=
  6. I'd personally go for the Hyomin version if I'd be able to only buy 1. But obviously that's my personal opinion, she's my bias... And I agree on the paws/tails part, but yeah... Got to go with what's popular... And we all know Japan has some crazy stuff going on, leading to our girls going animal style all the way... :') Do note that the calendar is a "tear-off" style calendar. Meaning that you'd have to tear off each page when you'd reach the next. I've bought it, it's currently hanging on my wall... I'm not quite sure whether or not I can bring myself tearing it apart, unless I find some way to keep that teared off pages alive... :3
  7. Pre-ordered all versions. Can't wait to have them here!
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