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  1. I didn't know she had an instagram. Can you tell me what it is?
  2. I'm hesitant to believe these kind of news now since the last one was false.
  3. They really do look like dolls you can buy at stores lol. Cute~
  4. OMG!!! I can't wait to hear the solo songs and sub units. I loved their subunits for their Jewelery Box Concert and now it's almost the same except Areum is with Soyeon. aldfldhfldsjf;alfdjd why couldn't it be Feb. 20th... I don't think she'll be participating in this album.
  5. Lovey and gorgeous~ That must have been a fun Christmas party.
  6. Lol Hello Kitty. Jiyeon and Areum looks cute holding hands.
  7. Soyeon looks so young in that picture. She has a really big phone too.
  8. Looks like Jiyeon and Qri are lego buddies.
  9. The hairstylists did a great job for this shoot. Everyone looks fantastic with their hairstyles like this.
  10. Was it her birthday on the set? Or is it just random cake time lol?
  11. Potato Magazine? Out of all the names... Unless they're actually going to talk about potatoes.
  12. Haha Hyomin sure loves her junk foods! That's one thing we both have in common.
  13. Haha she does! They have the same hair color and side partings.
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