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  1. Happy Bithday Diadem! I'm glad that I can contribute to the Community. Thank you Elly for creating the forums!
  2. Hi and thanks! XD

  3. 今ならきっと始められる 待っていた時はJust Now! 身体中に 溢れるパワー 感じてるから

  4. Good job on bringing all the photos from the premiere together Thanks Dognybba.
  5. Oh, I see. Thanks. I wish CCM released the song physically, it's worth it.
  6. Can you buy the cd in an online shop?
  7. Thank you for checking and uploading Mainichi T-ara on youtube
  8. Yuki ga takusan furimasu ne

  9. Love is so sweet long ears whispering stay with me, stay with me :D

  10. Here’s my rough translation of the small part from 6.00 to 6.50 where Eunjung and Qri run away Staff: Stop! Comment: Suddenly noise. What of Earth? Eunjung: (smiles) I found something! (dashed to it) Qri: Fall for the bait and dashed too Staff: (panic) Eunjung: Dog, dog, dog, there was a dog! Qri: Cuteee dog! Comment: There was a puppy near the entrance of the pet shop
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