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  1. .. he's PROBABLY the unknown person who gifted Qri an iPhone 6+ hurr- such an awesome fan, hope he supports T-ara in their Chinese promotion. ㅇㅊㅇ I feel so little all of a sudden omo ._.
  3. T-ARA SHOULD WIN THIS TIME! Heol~ Let's make this happen QUEENS. I want to see our girls to recieve an award again. LET'S VOTE FOR THEM THE MOMENT THE VOTING POLL WILL OPEN. OMYGOLD. I LOVE THE SONG. Tho I'm having some problem wwith the mv. But over all. Damn. Daebak! Heol~ T-ARA IS FINALLY BACK. EM CRYING. orz
  4. I'm hesitant to watch this... I don't want to see jiyeon cry... :'(
  5. *_* FML. THE FREE HUG!!!! O_O ugh! I WANT TO HUG JIYEON! LIKE SO TIGHTLY! T_T but I know it will never happen. Fmlodgotl.
  6. ;A; gaddd. I feel like crying. she's just so sweet, supporting her dongsaengs publicly, I bet she have seen all the unfluttering moments t-ara have past through before releasing this number 9. Anyway how. We have to support them!, we have to make them win on every music program!! We have to bring the crown back! Where it originally belong!!leggo none stop vote them.! ;A; gaddddd.. why am I being like this. .____. Odg, otl, I so love T ara
  7. HOLY CRAP! JIYEOOOON-AHHHH! why you're so effin gorgeous ;A; anyway around THEY ALL ARE GORGEOUS :3 Can't wait for there comeback <3
  8. wow. o_o. I never ever ever notice that soyeon has already a boyfriend like for 3 years. but anyway how hope for the best on them though. BUT I CAN'T AND NEVER WILL ACCEPT IF JIYEON WAS DATING SOMEONE LIKE SERIOUSLY.......................... I CAN'T. I CAN'T BARE IT. T_________T that's just TOO MUCH FOR ME. ;A; /crying.
  9. Waittttt.. a minute.. does that mean our girls will comeback THIS OCTOBER? The same month on the combacks of SNSD, IU and etc.??? O.O?
  10. O_O OMO!!!!! ASHGGJHDGFAGDJFDD! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! Jiyeon was SOOO. HOT o_o...................... all of them actually .________________.
  11. Hurrr.. :3 they have make the cover of the digital album with the faces of our girls were in fact only there voices we can hear.. lmao and yeah i have notice also that the lines of our girls were just a little percent of the song.. ok ccm you surprise me with that no doubt the mv teaser was just featuring the other group no Ara involved.. such a BIG SURPRISE OF U KKS|CCM.. -_____- *full of sarcasm -____________-
  12. -__- of all the title ccm can think and make. BIKINI was just.... ugh. Never mind though and the photo was just .. aish. wae wae. why dont they have photograph that picture in the real beach like it would be much better than that massive obviously edited pic. -_____- and can`t ccm afford much and more BETTER CLOTHING ON OUR GIRLS .. =___= like seriously..! But anyway how i will forever support T ARA wether there management and their antis were like screwing like hell.. IDC THE HELL DO I CARE I WILL BE FOREVER BE A LOYAL QUEEN`s <3 CANT WAIT FOR THAT MV ))
  13. OMG i think kks is copying what sm entertainment or other management usually do when it comes to comeback like the hell... havent you notice that snsd or 2en1 will be only having there comeback once a year and the rest of there schedule will be there concert tour or something the hell kks/ccm we can't wait that long but i guess for the sake of it I WILL DEFINITELY WAIT FOR THAT 2014 the hell waiting 6-ARA
  14. wait.. you mean to say 6-ara will comeback next year?! as in 2014?! that's too long T_T huhuhu.. they have no tv appearance lately.. and not seeing there faces for almost a year is killing me.. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME ATLEAST T-ARA HAVE some sort of like tv appearances or show T_T..*cries but anyway how i'm happy though that t-ara is back to its original number of members and hope for the best of areum
  15. ;( i want to kill kks now! As.in now! Afdjslfgslslagdl! How could he do that to our girls! And also for that CB WoW! Your such a gentledog >_> does CB know that hospitability is still existing when it comes to guess take note the Celebrity Guess ugh! I knew it. I was just waiting for the news bout this so called concert and now here it is. ( such a dissappointment with CB and well that freak Kks.. lets just say kks do that negotiation with European Music thingie but on earth ( they should still have the commonsense to treat them well until the concert or that so called negotiation ended ( but in the brighter side though.. they our girls(N4) have been professional in handling the situation and to the leader Eunjung hands down your really is a good professional and strong leader.... t ara doesn't deserve this kinda treatment i just hope that T ara contract in Ccm will SOON be ended only 1 year left! And curse u ccm T ara will be leaving u because of ur freak management .. ) and after that love calls will happen to them i bet theres much and more bigger company management will recruit our girls cuz there are all sooooo talented and hardworking girls lets be positive though.. ) t ara fighting <3 love u all! Ps. T ara N4 go back to korea or japan now.. make them realize that those freak scandal u have was just a piece of xxxx and for CB and collab thingy i think that wouldn't happen 0.o? But dont ya worry.. foreign queens will and forever will be supporting u all T ara fighting
  16. i wish the flight or the plane of N4 using will have some problem on the day they are suppose to take off sorry if it sounds mean BUT YEAH I REALLY DONT LIKE THAT GUY like seriously COLLAB WITH CHRIS BROWN that looks like a maniac dude our N4 is TOO GORGEOUS and INNOCENT FOR HIM TO COLLAB WITH! T___T i want to kill KKS NOW!! LIKE NOW! that decision of him is a BIG PIECE OF BULLH*T the image of CHRIS BROWN IS TOTALLY A PIECE OF SH*T.. when this news have release i immediately search his name and the freak IT IS ALL A PIECE OF xxxx i dont even see a GOOD AND RESPECTABLE ARTICLE ABOUT HIM FOR HEAVENS SAKE! does KKS KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE! gaddmit.... haisssh! N4 stands for BRAND NEW IMAGE RIGHT!? and N4 still is dealing with the so called bullying stuff and antis are really not stopping to bash them and it is really irritating like a sh*t haisssh... i wish KKS still have that so called brain .. he is TOO EAGER TO HAVE LOTS OF MONEY DUDE... I JUST WISH THE BEST FOR N4 AND TARA BUT KKS IS ALWAYS BLOCKING LIKE A xxxx AND MADE A PIECE OF DISGUSTING DECISION .... TSK... I HOPE THIS WILL BE A GOOD ONE CUZ ITS PROBABLY MAKING A 50-50 POPULARIZATION AND A DOWNHILL ONE HOPE FOR THE BEST ON MY GIRLS..! T ARA FIGHTING ! N4 FIGHTING <3
  17. hyomin look gorgeous with that banks of hers she look amzing and the bubble effects O_O GORGEOUS
  18. finally i c her face she's cute but is it bias for me to say jiyeon is much cuties than her even if shes not the maknae anymore haha well i really love TARA whether it is 7 or 9 FOREVER LOYAL FAN OF TARA
  19. Hyomin really is soooo pretty well all of TARA girls are pretty just face the truth :wub: n also hyomin looks stunning on her hair now
  20. :D Love the EunYeon Love T ARA FOREVER :wub:
  21. daebak! i like hyomin's outfit it looks so comfortable i want to have that.. where can i buy it? xD
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