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  1. Hello.. Thanks for the update. ^-^ Anyway.. just curious but will she be promoting this on music shows? (Dont think i heard anything about it unlike for 'Mango')
  2. I just realized its their goodbye stage already... Thats too fast.. T^T
  3. Hi, do you know what this photo shoot is for? a magazine or? (have always been seeing dispatch but never did know what they are)
  4. Awww.. its sad that they didn't get to win again, hope they get a win at Mcountdown! ^-^ I hope we can get Jiyeon's MC subbed too.. though there is quite a number to sub these few days. Hmm.. I just realised this, Hyomin and Jiyeon seems like they are having a winking competition.
  5. Ooh.. nice Qri got to perf her solo stage! And.. yay.. Aft so long. ^-^ Hope there will be many more to come. and I think this is one of the times that I actually see Qri tear
  6. Thanks for the quick updates! ^-^ Just wondering.. where is Eunjung though? Filming?
  7. No... does this mean this is the last album as the 6 of them together? T^T so.. at least one of them ain't gg to sign for a recontract? I know they don't get much attention anymore esp in korea and that they aren't v young either. But, I really don't wish for any of them to leave. Guess its time to let go.. I hope I can at least get the chance to see them all together.. >.<
  8. Hi.. Thanks for the pics. Haha.. hyomin can't seem to open her eyes for some of the pics. Hope they get enough rest though.. And.. where are the rest? they didnt join in the event?
  9. Isnt the vid already with subs? For mine you can just on the captions and there will be subs
  10. Thank you. But... i cant see them since its either removed or blocked in my region, so.. for those like me here is another link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x25xku3_live-hd-1080p-140914-t-ara-i-don-t-want-you-sugar-free-inkigayo-comeback-stage_music
  11. Her voice is so... sweet.. Anyone knows what is she saying?
  12. Yay, another performance. kinda sad that they had to change the dance move after she practice so many times though this is still great! I think there were a couple of takes, so she did one in red and one in black. (not very sure about that though..) I think it might only be so in comebacks which usually have more special effects.
  13. Omo.. cant wait to see this in full.. thanks for the clips for a glimpse of the show. Hoping this turns out well.
  14. Thanks for the share. I hope her hand is fine, wonder what happened..
  15. Hmm.. i think the official one is just out? the one uploaded by Coremeidas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6oprfVLxAQ&feature=youtu.be
  16. Nice, she looked great. Was there any description along with the picture?
  17. Hmm... that means this was quite sometime ago then. Thank you.
  18. hmm... wonder when was this performance done. the date there is just for the broadcast date right?
  19. i found subs that makes more sense. "Be not greedy but just a little bit, a little bit more sincere." but... i not sure what it means either.
  20. Wooo.... *excited 9mins long + a backstage filming (i presume) of 10mins long, this is going to be great. (but... a backstage vid longer than the actual one? oh well.. more for me to watch) And... i totally loved the pic, any idea where is it? Beijing?
  21. hmm.. so its just me to think that Qri's hair colour is brighter now? And... is this a event in Jap? Sorry, never really heard about this event before.
  22. hmm... dont know whether this is good news or not, but still cant wait for the comeback. Wouldnt say i like eunjung's new hair colour but, its something new. Wait, isnt this the same pose that he did during the fan sign?
  23. Woo.... Comeback! Cant wait for it and of course the rest of the teaser pics. ^-^ *excited on another note: I hesitated before opening this article though, my heart cant take it. T^T
  24. Thanks for the share, wish there were subs though. hmm... why is there only one microphone? But.. seems like it gives them more freedom to talk within themselves. And, Qri didnt do the intro and end And... is it just me or that guy look like a little like key from Shinee? Is he like a korean? i almost forgot that this was for Shanghai tv.
  25. thanks for the share! Yup, i think the problem is fixed. oh, and welcome to diadem.
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