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  1. Painkillers - Like The Wind - Target T ara fighting ... seems like there are a lot of work to do ... I hope our girls will not going to sick

  2. Yeah she has changed little since I saw the QBS's poster ... But she's still our Soyeon ... probably in the first picture
  3. [PIC] Soyeon's new selca (06/09) CREDIT: Melot P/s : Does she look different to you ?
  4. Talking Tom *laugh* so our Qri were playing that game *thinking* I guess that's the reason why she always smile ... That Tom cat looks funny
  5. T ara and SNSD have a great relationship ♥ I hope Queen's and SONEs will too .... I've heard that Ji Jung Min were at the concert ... waiting for pictures
  6. I can't wait anymore *cry cry* ... Like The Wind and Target *shout*

  7. Is she going to eat all those food ... well go girl *smile*
  8. 40 excelent ... keep posting ♥

  9. True Like The Wind ... hmmm I think it is a ballad song so how will QBS dane ??? can't wait ... Qri ♥ looks so cute
  10. [PICS] Jiyeon's birthday cake from Vietnamese QUEEN's (06/08) Power Puff Girls' Style ♥ So cute A Dino ... very cute right ??? ♥
  11. so cute ♥ I wonder what's the style ♥ maybe cutie devil or something ... can't wait anymore .... *shout*
  12. I love the style but seems like these pictures are quite low quality but anyway keep looking forward to Like The Wind MV
  13. I like Soyeon best in this MV ... she changed ... I just don't know why they let Qri wear a long dress at the beach like that ... seems like it's hard to moving ... Boram is like a kid ... so cute ... anyway I'll look forward seeing Like The Wind MV ♥
  14. So sexy ... I think she looks very great in this style ... very great ... girly and charming
  15. New selca ♥ verry cute ... I look forward seeing Like the wind MV ... aigoo~ QBS is going to show up in white dresses ♥ so charming
  16. Why I can't see my avatar ... wae wae wae ~

  17. [TWITTER] Qri's Twitter update (05/31) I think it's verry nice ♥ CREDIT: Qri's Twitter
  18. [PICS] Hyomin's birthday cake from Thai QUEEN's Happy Birthday to Park Sun Young CREDIT: Facebook
  19. [PICS] T-ara N4 at M! Countdown (05/30) CREDIT: Newsen.com + Jy_t2907 + tiaradiadem.com
  20. [PICS] T-ara's Japan Debut 1st Anniversary cake (05/30) Verry cute ♥
  21. Looking forward to Hey Summer !~

  22. Dream Concert 2013 - N4 so twinkle *shout*

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