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  1. RT @FaktaGoogle: Seseorang yang membuat keputusan saat perut kosong (lapar) cenderung ceroboh atau memilih cara yang lebih berisiko. [Daily…

  2. Ingat Irvan Fahlevi, Si Jenius Asal Jambi Disejajarkan Bos Google? Ini 5 Kabar Terbaru Mengejutkan! https://t.co/kDa0BXlp4G

  3. Digaji Lumayan dan Nggak Ganggu Sekolah, Ini 5 Situs Micro Jobs yang Bisa Kamu Coba https://t.co/lzwufYYv82

  4. RT @FaktaGoogle: Hoxton Street Montes adalah perusahaan Inggris yang memproduksi Garam yang terbuat dari air mata. https://t.co/I6GuPISZVQ

  5. Kucingnya berhasil masuk ke dalam box. #RT7FightForYourDreams @therooftop7

  6. RT @Animeisinfinity: YASss #assasinationclassroom https://t.co/FgUFWtHPsa

  7. "Just a day before, T-ara's agency Core Contents Media said, "We think it's inappropriate for T-ara to appear in ads for alcohol and to cater to the youth drinking culture. T-ara has young fans and want to keep an image of suitable for all ages and thus decided they will not appear in it." T-ara's agency responded to the comments that the comments previously made are hypocritical and said, "It's true T-ara did ads for this product, but it's not a gambling product. Hallyu actors and KARA have also done advertisements for pachinko machines." Hay-hay-hay!! -___-
  8. Queen's. Have you vote for T-Ara today? Let's vote again #Hwaiting ♔ ! http://t.co/Fjjq0DOB … cc: @Tara_World

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