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  1. it just a opinion , I don't know if they are dating or not . just wondering an actor keeps appearing together with t-ara which is something you don't see regularly but if this Is ccm strategy . lol . let it be then . I think I press the quote reply instead of multi quote to : klutzzy123 my bad .
  2. to be honest I hope im not the only one thinking that the actor might be dating someone from t-ara , he went to their fansign now appearing in gayo daejun . even if they are just close friends I have never seen someone from both acting and music industry . that hardcore to do something like that . but I still think is kinda cool to have an actor appearing for gayo
  3. great performance just that I laughed in the middle when they are dancing because they are so sexy and the suddenly they went back to dancing :lol:
  4. too hot too handle , currently need more tissue thanks to hyomin .
  5. I hope they do more events similar to these to help the unfortunate , and If I can help in the future I don't mind going to the sale personally and do some shopping
  6. only able to have a sneak peek and unable to buy the stuffs is too much :angry: :(
  7. anyone know where to watch the previous hello counsellor which have t-ara ?
  8. Feel like buying shells 😂

  9. not sure if i want to go to the store tmr or on friday

  10. Now all I need is the prepaid card and my set is complete

  11. I'm much more excited for cny than Christmas 😵

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