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  1. RT @j_eunjung_sprt: 皆さん(^^)/ おはようございます? 今日も一日頑張っていきましょうp(^_^)q @taraeunjung1212 https://t.co/YrKZR8haQF

  2. RT @tiaradiadem: 1 hour left till #HAPPYHYOMINDAY! Be ready to send her all your love and birthday wishes! https://t.co/4XodEtagvM

  3. RT @eunjungkook: Eunjung on Gyuri’s instagram: Can I hold your hand.. ? ?? https://t.co/ayF7D1gf5f

  4. RT @Thaiaraclub: The Beauty A Week | 더 뷰티 어위크 EP 4 [SUB : ENG /2018.03.23] https://t.co/vAEXO9QXoc // Eunjung & Gyuri start 2.12 min

  5. RT @pannchoa: Knets fire back at Naver commenter claiming that T-ara was jealous of Hwayoung https://t.co/E2NbLD3k24 https://t.co/dRXkrWn6JD

  6. RT @pannchoa: Knets reminisce T-ARA's various concepts https://t.co/KIVyf2rUz3 https://t.co/cUxq40hqoy

  7. Thanks! @EunChanNet Let's keep on support our girls ? https://t.co/8pLdlqQfQr

  8. RT @jiyeon_no1: [Fanmedia] Trailer T-ara Day by day - Sexy love (A Hollywood Style Movie Trailer) [Warning: 16+] It's so cool ? https://t.c…

  9. RT @hyominmmd: A CQ's friend who works on TV station tells her that the reason why T-ara has less and less schedule in China is partly due…

  10. RT @Kekeru88: Mbk the only one company that can turn from angel to devil in just one day... https://t.co/iZcl1qDjct

  11. RT @AMAJING93: 지연이두 여러분두 모두모두 메리크리스마스????? https://t.co/KBwYRiarGB

  12. RT @T_ARAMYSupport: Any Malaysian Queen's who wish to purchase 2018 calendar from @SONGdotcom @hyominidot @amajing93 @myhahmbae please rep…

  13. RT @what_the_0729: 20171210 큐리언니 찾는 은정 말투 졸귀~♡ #티아라 #은정 #Tara #큐리 @taraeunjung1212 @QriPretty https://t.co/iIhHFBPVzp

  14. Typical MBK. They don't even bring along dancer. Juz come here to earn money with the least cost.? https://t.co/UVzZBJbJSW

  15. RT @tiaradiadem: [17.11.24] Fancam - T-ARA Performance @ Kpop Music Wave in Penang https://t.co/WedvCLSPbN https://t.co/mPHUsXrhE4

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