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  1. I want to be an official member.. but I don't understand hangul, plus I don't know how to pay for the membership. :'( this is toooooo sad :'(
  2. Oh yes.. Im so excited with this comeback!! I know it would be good. They want to win the music shows already, Queen's let's make their wish come true!
  3. T-ARA's comeback!!!

  4. t-ara is back everyone. yay!! more movie/drama for them!!!!
  5. I wanna be with you, But I will pray for you baby~~~~ ##1분1초

  6. ChanChan


    Way to go Jiyeon! No matter what happen, I'll support them individually and as a group! T-ARA will be my #1 bias kgroup. If ever (I hope not) they'll disband, I will live Kpop industry. Maybe you'll say its too much but that's how important they are to me. Plus, though I like other Kgroups (GG,Infinite, EXO) still, they can't beat T-ARA in my heart
  7. Waiting patiently for Ji's D-day!! #ProudQueens

  8. Your from PH too? Are you going to the concert? Me, I'm still not sure, but I will try my best!! ^^ Will I be alive after her performance? Probably not. XD
  9. Japanese comeback!!

  10. I need to review.. get to work!

  11. It can be played using windows 8! It was really fun to play!! Graphics: So cute chibi T-ara!! but they move a bit slow.. Music: Wow, I really like the piano bunny style! I suggest for more T-ARA songs to be played in the background..or what if the user can actually choose what song they would like to hear? lol, just a suggestion. Interface: Hoping that it can also be played full screen on windows 8.. and for the "load" menu? how this works? it says an error...well in my case. I kinda stuck with the washing machine, lol but I'm so eager to get Jiyeon out of it, after 5 minutes of trial and error moves..I finally saved drowning Jiyeon out of it! and the hint helped too keke! Finding colors for Qri is fun too! and Rilakkuma... keke, only creative mind can do that!! XD Thank you diadem for bringing us this amazing, cute and so T-ARA-like game to us! Hoping for more exciting games! Just want to give a big thumbs up to all the people behind it! PS.May I know what software you used in making this? Thank you!
  12. Im using windows 8, but I want to play tha game badly.. eottoke???
  13. diadem kamsahamnida! T-ARA saranghae

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