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  1. T-ARA's comeback!!!

  2. I wanna be with you, But I will pray for you baby~~~~ ##1분1초

  3. Waiting patiently for Ji's D-day!! #ProudQueens

  4. Japanese comeback!!

  5. I need to review.. get to work!

  6. diadem kamsahamnida! T-ARA saranghae

  7. MYUNGYEON is REAL!!!!

  8. Happy Bday Jiyeon!! #ForJiyeonDay

  9. Happy Bday Jiyeon!! #ForJiyeonDay

  10. RT @SOPHIEsticatedQ: Queen's are one with T-ARA. We hurt, we laugh, we love and we fight together with T-ARA! #Tara1400thDay #QueensAreProud

  11. Mind your own business!

  12. and lastly, coz I can say/RT anything without others giving a damn care. #8ReasonsWhyImOnTwitter

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