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  1. Not knowing Hanggul, I could have sworn that she was telling us her backside and head hurts and that it was the DINO which left her in a crumpled pile! O_O
  2. On a related note, I have read on other boards that in addition to the depreciating Yen that makes Korean merchandise more expensive, another reason why K-pop is on the decline is that the Japanese are getting fed up with K-Pop acts that parachute in abruptly to hold concerts, sell albums and then immediately make a beeline out the country once the job's done, and may of these acts can't string a proper Japanese sentence by themselves even after years of performing in Japan. It was assumed that the Japanese anticipated and expected their idol groups to form "lasting and reliable" holistic relationships with their fans. The Korean groups are becoming increasingly perceived as exploitative and insincere. Anyone knows what's the real story behind this?
  3. The link to the rest of the photos should come with a safety warning; too many photos of Hyomin in that blue dress may cause severe nose bleed. My eyes popped at her body:leg length ratio. Gurl's sexy and she knows it. I like that Jiyeon is wearing a Ramones Tee. We should send her one of their albums. It's always good to sample new stuff and widen one's horizons. A part of of me really hoped that the choreography had at one point, Eunjung grabbing the lapels of her trenchcoat, pulling it apart, twirling said trenchcoat in the air before tossing* into the audience. She has a varaa-vra-voom body but she's not showing. I'm dirty-minded, that I admit. Qri is gorgeous as always, really glad she's this single's center. Soeyeon is well, Soeyeon. And I wouldn't want it anyway else. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, ISN'T BORAM REALLY REALLY CUTE? I MEAN, REALLY REALLY CUTE HERE? THAT SMILE, THOSE FINE FEATURES, THE WONDERFUL COSTUME. I LURRRRRVE! And she isn't my bias. End! Edit; *Aforementioned Trenchcoat, not herself. Though I am very sure that if it was the latter, some members of the audience on the receiving end would be really really happy. Best take-home memento evah!
  4. Oooh. Speculation time! I postulate that despite their best efforts, T-ara has not been as profitable in Japan (relatively-speaking) as CCM hoped they would be. Think about it, if the profits from Japan were sky high, they would milk that cash cow with every possible gimmick, year in year out. Taking a long hiatus In this idol-saturated market, could easily mean irrecoverable lost ground unless you're a really big household name. So naturally, T-ara's venturing out to extend and deepen (if possible) their appeal in other markets. China with it's large, youthful population is quite a prize.
  5. I don't love CptFantasy, but I do very much appreciate the effort put into these Gifs.
  6. The Sanyo CF pics are gone. Could she have been asked to remove them?
  7. Thank you for uploading. i like it that when the eating starts, Jiyeon is like frickall and concentrates solely on eating. The other girls do pause, look at the camera, pay some attention to the host (or pretend to) but not our maknae; she's got her priorities sorted out! By the eighth-minute mark, she's eyeing the platters across the table over at Qri's end.
  8. Great gifs. Thanks! I really like how three distinct personalities are revealed just by doing simple heart signs. Eunjung is a bit shy, perhaps even reserved; really cute when embarrassment overwhelms her and she has to look away from the camera. Jiyeon's a pro giving off the perfect cute, friendly, girl-next-door vibe. And our Hyomin-ah, always confident, always unique and always goofing around whenever the opportunity presents itself - think about it, how many sexy visuals in any girl group chooses screwball over mystery and sexiness all the time when possible? She is perhaps the most passionate one. Beating heart! Beating heart!
  9. I dunno. She wasn't smiling in the second and fourth photos. The rest were, well... Exhaustion maybe?
  10. And here we have, courtesy of the lovely exponents of T-ara, an expert demonstration of the latest fad in Korea today; hands-free choco stick dueling. Note the expert positioning of the lips and the length of extension of the aforementioned sticks for adequate reach whilst retaining optimal control.
  11. Her beautiful black eyes are so soft, soulful and warm. I feel so relaxed staring at the first pic.
  12. I predict a side effect of this interview would most probably be a sea of placards during concerts, indicating great desire to date Boram!
  13. I don't know if the translation played a part, but I thought that Eunjung's replies were mature, diplomatic and in short, impressive. Hyomin did quite well too but Eunjung conveyed herself very very well.
  14. Please don't they me they are going western. That's one genre of music I can't appreciate!
  15. I must admit, she looks really good with shorter hair.
  16. Ah, I see. Cheers mate! Thanks for the info!
  17. Picture top left corner - who are those girls wearing bike helmets standing beside Eunjung? My interest is piqued!
  18. According to T-ara's World, Areum's photo shot was accompanied by a somewhat morbid sounding message stating that she had nothing to lose and wasn't even afraid of death, followed by the hashtag first warning. Some people chose to interpret it as a poorly translated statement of determination without fear but there are others that are more concerned. Can the translators of Diadem take a look and share with us the exact message? Honestly I'm with the worried crowd here...
  19. That's a really really fast song. Put me down as another who's interested in seeing what the dance choreography is going to be like.
  20. Eunjung looks like a cute little boy with that cap! Hyomin seems to know alot of the old songs; rubbed off from her folks methinks!
  21. For those of you who are diabetic or not wanting to get caught squealing by others, you might want to skip after 7.34. Why? 4 words - Boram, Cuteness. Weapons grade.
  22. This episode is really interesting. I really want to understand the context of the game they are playing. Can't wait for the subs!
  23. Hmm. Soyeon doesn't seem to be in the mood; her dancing is quite lethargic compared to the other girls.
  24. My prediction is that QBS will fare much better than T-ara N4 because of the market they are targeting as compared to the home country. Let's also not forget that Boram is one of the more popular members in Japan, Soyeon speaks Japanese well, and is one of the best vocalists out there today. Together with Qri as an anchor, they have appeal, maturity, talent and stability.
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