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  1. CCM seems to be bent on dispelling rumors immediately and succinctly when it comes to the girls and television drama casting. If I recall correctly, they were pretty quick on disclaiming that Eunjung was going to appear on any dramas this year too. And the tone of their statements seem to indicate "and we're not going to entertain formal proposals by the broadcasters even if they do come in," Well, more chance of them making a brand new record this year. So I'm not complaining much, though I do sympathize with the diadems who would like to see their favorites grace the small screen this year.
  2. Thanks. That would explain the wavy hand motion the girls were doing. For the mo' I thought they were expounding on something related to fishes.
  3. With T-ara's schedule being so hectic and packed, I'm not surprised that it's even tougher than the training years with less sleep and lack of proper nourishment.
  4. Hah! The silent majority has spoken. Despite the fanatical attempts of the anti netizens, T-ara is still beloved in their homeland. That is very good news. I hope the girls learn of this and be motivated by it for 2013. Long live our Queens!
  5. I gotta admit; Aerum's pretty hot. Almost Hyomin-level. All in all, a great performance by our Queens.
  6. I would like to add my voice to those who are concerned that our Queens are getting overworked without enough rest. I will be praying for the girls good health this Christmas and hoping that CCM would give them a good break before the rigors of 2013. They deserve it. They need it.
  7. It's official. CCM needs publicity gurus. The head honcho plays a losing hand and our Queens suffer for it...
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